TN: 2012 Two Hands Shiraz Fields of Joy

2012 Two Hands Shiraz Fields of Joy - Australia, South Australia, Mount Lofty Ranges, Clare Valley (5/19/2015)
Bar pour. A dinner companion asked me what my least favorite red wine was, and I said Australian Shiraz. So he bought me a glass of this stuff. It sure was ripe. Reminded me of macerated blackberries. It was not jammy. It was fresh, macerated berries. And then there were more berries. Then a truck drove by and dumped a load of blackberries on my head. Then we had a thunderstorm, and it hailed blackberries. Eventually the shot 'o vodka showed up. This was incredibly tiring stuff to drink. I got through half of it.

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That was great. I had a two hands Shiraz not long ago and I think I had about the same experience. Too much fruit.

I also had a single vineyard two hands and it was great. One of my favorites actually.

I think when it comes to Shiraz Michael Twelftree has a handle on what he is doing. The ‘garden’ series wines have great distinction as does his single vineyards and certainly the ‘flagship’ stuff. It’s the entry level stuff is where I can see someone getting lost in the weeds. Interesting because the name Two Hands covers so much good wine that the association with these wines in the ‘picture’ series and below really weigh down the brand name. Nice guy too.
I remember years ago someone in the know telling me that most of the really great shiraz never makes it off the continent. Pay the going rate and you will see what truly awesome shiraz can be.

What can I say… sometimes people see what they want to see
Sounds like an oxidized sample for mine…most wines that are by the glass are and I personally I rarely drink them or take them as representative off a wine.
The Clare Valley is easily one of the most soft and elegant region I work with in Australia,
The wines are have a lifted aromatic profile and a very tight and slighlty lean palate that is always caressing and silky, I always love Clare for its feminine nature
David, I would encourage you to try a fresh sample and if you don’t enjoy, you are very welcome to throw stones.

Attached is a note on the wine by Australia’s leading critic

James Halliday - Published on 27 Jul 2014 - 93 Points
Bright colour, although not especially deep; a textured, lively, medium-bodied wine with an unusual (for the region) dash of spice through the predominantly red berry fruits; fine, gently savoury tannins to close.


Freshly opened bottle Michael. I asked to see it.

At least it wasn’t jammy! It was just fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit. Not my thing.

but yet you posted a note…

Yes. I post on pretty much everything I try.

This was what i wrote about lilys garden.

“This is some kind of dark fruit triple berry compote.”

Which i scored as an 88

The Coach house block on the other hand was fabulous and I rated it a 94/95. With a two hour decant.

Like i said, the single vineyards seem to have what i like and at the same time i have a few bellas garden locked away and really expect to enjoy.

To be honest though i also remember having a gnarly dudes once and for the price it was good. Not overly fruit bearing.