TN: 2012 Sojourn Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietary Cuvée (USA, California, Napa Valley)

  • 2012 Sojourn Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietary Cuvée - USA, California, Napa Valley (8/30/2015)
    Dark with neon purple edges. Nose of cool red and black berry fruit all brightly played. Palate shows a deeply layered and showy style that I tend to enjoy; love the framboise laden cornucopia of black raspberries, black currants and a small dose of black cherries.
    Mineral driven and packed for the long haul, this is right now showing but a glimpse of the future, and oh, what a future this will be. Plush and full structured, but manages to stay lithe. Super-balanced with notes of cardamom, glycerin and cocoa powder with tremendous verve. Acidity spot-on too. Finish goes very long and true with the fruits always in control. I have always been a fan of this Sojourn Cab.This today reminds me of Maybach Materium. Nich job on this one, gentlemen! (94 pts.)

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Good to hear. I found these very approachable early on

Great note Mike. I have always enjoyed your notes. I know that u have always enjoyed Mike Smith’s wines. How do u think this stacks up to the Myriad Dr. Crane or the Quivet Las Piedras which are 2 wines in the same price point as the Sojourn and significantly lower than Maybach. Only have so much dough to toss around in the $125/bottle arena.

Hi Greg, great question. It is certainly in the Dr Crane Elysian ballpark and a notch above the Piedras.
I too am a fan of Mikes wines. This one plays well with the $115-$200 crowd. I would say in 2012 you may owe it to yourself to at least try it. A great year magnifies this one. A special group for sure.

Thanks for the kind words.


I just had the last 6 ounces. Just recorked, not vacuvined. It’s awesome.