TN: 2012 Scholium Project VLV Bokisch Ranches (USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi)

  • 2012 Scholium Project VLV Bokisch Ranches - USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi (4/16/2016)
    Pop and pour and then followed for 2+ hours. Another wine without comparison from Abe Schoener. Verdelho wine from Lodi. High acidity, oxidative notes, honey, some tart apple but not a fruit drive wine. Very long finish. 15.35% ABV, so it’s not a shy and retiring wine, but the alcohol doesn’t hit you in the mouth. After it absorbs? That’s a different story. (90 pts.)

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Nice Jay - appreciate the note!

Gotta say, I’m always excited to try the scholium whites…but end up being much happier with the reds.

Popped a 2009 Babylon Tenbrick Vineyards recently that was ridiculously good (my wife was even blown away)…compared to a white of the same vintage that was overall pretty disappointing.

Probably just haven’t hit that right Scholium white in it’s prime drinking window, but that’s been my experience with abe’s wines up this point.

The Babylons are great wines. I have them back to 2004. I think the reds are more main stream while the whites are more science experiments, although there have been some science experiment reds. I like the whites because they are not like everything else and sometimes I want to go off the beaten path just for fun.

I may look for this bottle today, sun is shining here.