TN: 2012 Scherrer Winery Pinot Noir Hallberg Vineyard

2012 Scherrer Winery Pinot Noir Hallberg Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Green Valley of Russian River Valley (8/3/2019)
Just a phenomenal Russian River pinot! Nine years old and still holding on to loads of ripe red fruit. Layers of tangy ripe Bing cherry, cranberry, rhubarb and a touch of licorice. The flavors keep coming on in waves and coat the entire mouth. There are fine grained tannins, a good deal of mouth watering acidity and a long persistent finish. (93 pts.)

Nice note Roger. I stopped by and saw Fred, Ed and Judy yesterday on my way home from work. They poured the ‘15 Hallberg amonst others. It was sill extremely young and quite structured. Grabbed an ‘05 O&M for the Old Vines Offline. See you in October!

Did a tasting there with Fred in July 2017. Asked him to open an older Zin as I’ve been laying them down since 2012 vintage and was interested into what they will become. IIRC he opened an 05 OMV. It was wonderful and would’ve guessed Bordeaux blend if blind. Hope it shows well for you all


How easy is it to get an appointment with Fred for our trip in late October? I tried to get one with him a few years ago for our last trip, but he was unavailable.

I can answer. Impossible. He’s basically a one man show and that’s harvest time. I’d say no chance

I have an 07 chilling still.

Unfortunately that’s what I expected was the answer

His zins age beautifully. I think I have a few notes posted.

Yeah, he’ll be butt deep in harvest that time of year. He does an open house in November when everything settles down.