TN: 2012 Matthiasson Red Wine (USA, California, Napa Valley)

  • 2012 Matthiasson Red Wine - USA, California, Napa Valley (11/17/2021)
    Absolutely charming. Mid-weight, delicious fruit, balanced structure and overall just about ideal for what I am looking for with Napa Valley Bordeaux blends. It still has a lot of developmental upside, but gosh it’s great now.

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Ooh, I just coravined a nice glass of this the other night with a NY strip. 100% agreement, just delicious Napa wine without excess fat or weight. Will be popping that cork soon for the rest of it!

The Matthiasson Napa Cab is fantastic

Steve makes such effortlessly drinkable wines. I love the Cabs and I’m not really someone who gets excited by CA Cabs often. They remind me of what I imagine the young versions of some of the old Stony Hill Cabs I’ve had the pleasure of tasting would have tasted like when young.

Yup. Just got a shipment of that. Well priced too!

Hi David- We opened one yesterday after seeing your note earlier this week. I had only tried the 2010 and really struggled with it. I got too many green notes and chalked it up to the cooler vintage. We enjoyed the 12 quite a bit better. I’m going to give the last one a few more years as I think this could be really something special at the 15+ mark.

Have you tried the Calluna Estate wines from Sonoma ? It’s very similar in style perhaps a touch riper. We also had their 13 Estate Bdx blend this weekend. It’s showing really well right now. Their Colonel’s vineyard Cabernet is also really good.


I have not tried the Calluna wines. Another new winery for me would probably not go over well with my wife. :wink: