TN: 2012 Justin Boxler Riesling Sommerberg - a different Boxler

2012 Justin Boxler Riesling Sommerberg - France, Alsace, Alsace Grand Cru (11/19/2015)
Bottom line - I was not at all impressed by this wine. There are some positive aspects to it, notably the very pretty white flowers and peach aromatics. The finish is also nice, with those floral and fruit aspects making another appearance. The problem is the palate - it has zero impact. The start and mid-palate are extremely watery, and it’s only on the finish that there is any hint of flavor. This has all the hallmarks of a badly over-cropped wine, though I have no information to confirm or refute that. It’s just a simple, dry and lightweight drink that should cost $7.99 instead of $25.

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Sorry to see this. I picked up some of the Brand. I’ll open one soon

I have several other wines. Hoping they are more interesting.

I far preferred the “Florissant” (is this same as Florimont?). Haven’t tried the Brand yet.

It’s Florimont, but I did not buy any of those.

Just coming up for air after two weeks of non stop producer visits, followed by a week of insanely intense warehouse work, 500 some cases arriving last week…
Whereas I am certainly not here to tell people whether or not to like a wine, I can provide some more info/intel to the questions at hand, as well as input from other individual tasters.
Yields for the '12 Sommerberg Riesling were 37 hl/ha. Legal Grand cru limits are 55 hl/ha. This is not overcropped by any means. Jean Boxler is likely right in that same range of mid 30s, fwiw.
'12 was definitely marked by rain right around harvest in Niedermorschwihr. The Justin Boxler team picked this two days after the rains, which may contribute to a thinner mid-palate impression.
And as far as people’s impressions other than David’s, i’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the Boxler wines, this wine included, so much so that the wine has sold out due to repeat requests.
Here are a few other points of reference:
From another wine board, winedisorder: (Suzanne Camhi, Salil Benegal, Zach Ross, Jay Miller, Jeff Grossman in attendance, Jeff wrote this comment)
“Just a Sunday in Brooklyn. Speck, saucisson “nunchuk”, two kinds of hummus, a washed-rind cheese you can smell across the room, etc etc.
And wine.
(served) blind - fruity, Pezzy nose, pure and clean in the mouth, perfect acidity, lightweight and charming, Salil says this is less than $30; a bottle of this was maligned on another bored but undeserved to go by this one: Justin Boxler 2012 Alsace GC “Sommerberg” Riesling”

Salil wrote this comment to me:
“Poured it blind to Jay Miller, Suzanne Camhi, Zach Ross, and Jeff Grossman (you might recognize a few of the names from the wine boards). All liked it a lot, and most felt it certainly punched above its price point, even if it felt a touch thin on the midpalate.
But yeah, definitely a winner. Nothing remotely close to what Bueker threw under the bus.”

Comment from Chris Presutti:
“By the way, I’ve already gotten into my recently arrived assortment of Boxler Riesling and Pinot Gris and they are wonderful. I really appreciate you introducing us on to such a wide range of varieties and regions.”

I could go on…

As to the comment that this wine should be $7.99, David, the sundry sayings involving walk a mile in my shoes comes to mind. Rather than walk a mile in the Boxler’s shoes, just walk up the Sommerberg ONCE. Just one single time. When you get to the top, panting heavily and sweating profusely, turn around, look down at the 60% slope, and imagine doing that every day for months, doing everything manually with a pic axe and hoe, all organic treatments. What do you imagine you would say to the guy making a comment such as yours…???

Fwiw, Florimont is all limestone soils, fairly flat below the Sommerberg hill. The Sommerberg is granite.


Well I have another bottle. Hopefully it will show better.

Surely, wine will have its wily way.

So true. Just look at Alan’s note on the 2007 Trimbach CFE. He did not care for it at all, while when I had it in October it was a star.