TN: 2012 Forlorn Hope Valdiguié Al Frediani Frediani Vineyard

2012 Forlorn Hope Valdiguié Al Frediani Frediani Vineyard - USA, California, Napa Valley, Calistoga (11/2/2014)
Way back in my early days of exploring wine I drank quite a bit of “Gamay Beaujolais.” This is so much better. Yet, it still retains the totally drinkable, in fact slurpable element that appealed to me with that Gamay Beaujolais. This wine is exactly what I wish was more prevalent in the USA; a quaffable yet interesting wine that eases across the palate, and does not assault the wallet. It’s all about crunchy red fruit with a side of warm herbs. There’s virtually no tannin, but the acids give a framework, such that the wine is not at all lacking in structure. Simply fun deliciousness.

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This is a GREAT pizza wine by the way.

Is Valdiguie Gamay Beaujolais? I was told by a vineyard manager in the finger lakes that GB was a Pinot noir clone. Granted it was in the 90’s so maybe that was what was believed at the time.

Thanks, David.
Forlorn Hope is on my need-to-check out list.
This sounds similar to my experience with the Idlewild Valdiguie.

Just brought one of these home from the off-site storage. Overall, I really like what Matthew is doing at Forlorn Hope. Cracked a Mil Amores last week and loved it.

What grape is the Mil Amores?

David - I am not familiar with the label, but Al Frediani is one of the senior Fredianis, who are my neighbors. Aaron Pott made some wine a couple of years back from this vineyard. All head trained - no irrigation. Al does not disk; he plows. I believe he is well into his 90s.

From my place, I have a minimum of 8 Frediani-owned residences in my “neighborhood,” pretty much surrounding my property. Of course then we have the Eisele Vineyard, which is now owned by Latour, instead of by locals. And Fleming, up the street. All newer and shinier, and reflecting the shift in ownership and local sensibility. I fall somewhere in between - here for 15 years. Suspect as from Boston and then Silicon Valley. Non-suspect for my nod to tradition and low-key presence.

Interesting backstory. Thanks Merrill.

Toriga Nacional and Tempranillo

I tasted a barrel sample of this wine with Matthew Rorick at his winery in Solano County nearly a year ago - it was one of my favorites of the wines I tasted with him.
Visit with Matthew Rorick / Forlorn Hope Wines

Valdiguié is the grape that used to be known as “Napa Gamay”.

The 2012 “Mil Amores” is a blend of Touriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz (Tempranillo), and Trincadeira, from Dewitt Vineyard in El Dorado County.

I’ve been a fan of Matthew’s wines for some time - well worth checking out. He might be the only vintner in California working with more grape varieties than we do at Harrington :slight_smile: