TN: 2012 Enfield Wine Co. Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard

2012 Enfield Wine Co. Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard - USA, California, North Coast, Wild Horse Valley (7/15/2015)
This remains an intriguing wine. I last had it in the dead of winter, so drinking it on a warm, humid evening in July certainly puts a different spin on things. The flavors continue in the citrus and peach vein as before, though the minerality is not quite as forward, and it feels richer on the palate than it did several months ago. Some of that may be serving temp, as the wine very quickly warmed up in the glass. Weight and palate expression remind me a lot of the Arnot-Roberts Chardonnays, though this feels more integrated. It sure is drinkable. The bottle was gone before I knew it.

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My wife was out last night so it was cold BBQ chicken sandwich for me with macaroni salad and corn. Opened the Enfield 2013 skins-on Chardonnay and watched the UFC fights switching with TGC Open Championship reporting.

Best night of the summer?

I made a non-spicy fried rice last night and thought about the on skins version. I only have one left and decided to save it for dinner with a friend in the near future.

I think I have 2 of the skins version, thinking of popping one in the next few weeks.