TN: 2012 Domaine du Grangeon Chatus Ardèche (France, Rhône, Ardèche)

  • 2012 Domaine du Grangeon Chatus Ardèche - France, Rhône, Ardèche (12/25/2021)
    Yes Chatus is the grape here and don’t worry I had never heard of it either. Apparently, this Domaine brought it back from the dead and it certainly was rather fun and interesting to try something for the very first time. As the CT notes indicate, there truly is a salt and pepper quality here, bright acids and some tannin, a tad rustic. Full of character though. Super-secret handshake deal at $6 (normally $28- 32) allowed me to buy a few and hand out to family and friends to see what they think of it.

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Well I have. neener

I’ve had a couple of Chatus, but none of them have been particularly memorable. However, it might be because they’ve been always super young and primary, so there’s very little true varietal character - they’ve felt more like any anonymous young red wine or even Nouveau wine. I think those that I’ve tasted would’ve performed better had they been a couple years older in the hopes they would’ve dropped their super-primary character.

Ha, funny timing on this post! I also would not have known about this grape unless i had not drunk at lunchtime on Christmas eve the:

  • Vins du Mouton Noir ‘Chatus’ 2019 !
    I didn’t take any notes, just enjoyed as we picnic-ed in the sunshine and ate tartines of wild boar pâté… seriously yum! Anyhow, i realy liked this, kinda reminded me a bit of NoRho syrah, it was meaty and peppery and there was a slick of tarry tannin that was very attractive.