TN -2012 Dom Perignon revisited

I posted a note for 2012 Dom Perignon back in June when the first sample bottles were sent over. We just had another and I wanted to post again because while I was pretty high on the 2012 back in June- this is now shaping up to be something really, really special (IMHO anyway)- very much on the level of the 2008 and 1996, though for different reasons.

2012 Dom Perignon

bright light yellow color, beaming classic nose of roasted walnuts, ripe apples, pear blossoms and marshmallow with a hint of red berries, in June this was showing great promise with really stunning individual elements shining out, now on the palate the wine has harmonized brilliantly and promises to be one of the truly great vintages of this wine, where wines like the 1996 or 2008 have a particular aspect to them that helps them stand out- 2012 is the archetype, its greatness lies in an ideal presentation of all of those things we love in Dom Perignon and in perfect balance with each other, on the palate very open with medium to full body, ripe fruit, orange peel notes, roasted nuts, apple and pear, this reminds a lot of the 1990 for being well rounded- but this is bigger while also being more nuanced already plus having a more substantial acid backbone, glowing lengthy finish with lime-laden acids, the floral aromatics are exceptionally persistent on the aftertaste, as open and fully presented as this is right now- it is tempting to think it is ready to go, certainly it is approachable and worth enjoying now- but there is much yet to come here and I suspect this will be dazzling for the duration of the glorious journey ahead.

*()+! Yes a potential 6th star here as with the 2008, I do not have an exact count, but after 25+ years and thousands of notes I still have fewer than 10 six star wines. This is that good. Now - 2050+.


Waiting for them to show up in the US

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I was also really impressed with a sample in June and am appreciative of your update Tom. 2008 was a milestone year here, so I went heavy on all of the top Champagnes. I will probably allocate funds for DP 2012 simply to allow the '08s to be saved for celebrations.


I am feeling much the same way. I am nearly out of 85 and 96 Dom, and the 2008 is moving along very slowly. So I am planning to get an extra 6 pack or two of the 2012 to help fill in the gap once I am out of 96- which I think will be before 2008 hits prime time- but also still have some 2012 for the long term.

Thanks Tom…now I’m in when Costco gets a restock of the '12 in.

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Wish the pricing on the 2012 was in-line with 2008, but doesn’t appear to even be close.

Between this release and the 2008 Krug, might need to take out a 2nd mortgage. [highfive.gif]

First tranche pricing was only up 10%. £660 vs £600 per 6. However quantity was way down and second tranche is already up close to £800.

Did they have some alresdy?? Have not seen the 12’s in AZ yet.

It’s not being delivered until 2022…

I don’t know about Costco, but here in Texas the wine is “imminent”- meaning as soon as 2010s run out. So I am expecting to get mine late November.

I averaged about $160 overall on 2008 purchases- including recent buys of the Lenny Kravitz edition which bumped up the average a bit.

I am being quoted $190 on the 2012 in full cases, and I am good with that considering where the market is in general right now.

Just offering up as a data point.

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That’s quite a bit better than what I was expecting. I averaged around $150 on mine and thought the 2012s were going to be north of $220 from everything I was seeing. $190 is certainly better!