TN: 2012 Delamotte Champagne Blanc de Blancs Millésimé (France, Champagne)

  • 2012 Delamotte Champagne Blanc de Blancs Millésimé - France, Champagne (6/10/2021)
    Youthful exuberance…poprocks party right out the gate! Needs air to calm down the crazy tart lemon head citrus and bursting effervescence…it does…there is a noticeable elegant creme to this one…more so than the 08…a lemon ginger pastry creme…wonderful layers and depth to the crystalline yellow pitted fruits…slight tropical, with a green apple tart snap. Just LOVE the white flower, dried apple ring florals and minerality in this…limestone chalk, match strike lees, sea salted shortbread…finishes energized and refreshing…yet there is a pillow soft calming that fills the senses and makes you just melt away! As good as the 08 imo…both must haves for the cellar! (95 pts.)

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If you only had one bottle (and I do!) would you leave it alone for awhile?

Love the 08. Should probably get some '12 too

No, I’d buy several more to keep it company [snort.gif]

I only have 4 and am feeling like I need 4 more.
The ‘04, ‘07, ‘08… all good, too.

Love ‘em!

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Maybe I will open one this weekend and decide if I want to buy more. Thanks for the note.

If you buy the Delamotte, will they throw in the Salon for free?

I imagine it’s the other way around!

But according to prior posts on this forum, you do “get” Salon in the 2012 Delamotte as no Salon was made that vintage.

This one is still rockin the party, but now starting to calm and show a little more class. Bright beam of citrus, with a slight tinge of tropical exotics…LOVE the crushed rock minerality and salted caramels…white flower florals…such a lazerbeam of precision, yet has that pillow soft gingery mousse that creams it up nicely. Shows a wonderful purity and subtlety…I’d drink this all day long if I could! 95pts

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A few months ago, I had the 2012 and 2014 side by side. The 2012 was excellent, but the 2014 was fresher and I thought it was better, at least that night.


The 04 of this is (or was, I hasn’t tried it in a few years) so good.

I came here for pictures of bubble baths. Disappointed.

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Have not had the '12, but really enjoyed the '14 last week. Need to check on '12


Although a great candidate for the frothy bath…not tonight!:grin: