TN: 2012 Bénetière Cote Rôtie

a Panzer selection, a young pretty Cote Rotie, it needs another decade. Still primary, red-fruited with a little smoke, it is a good wine. First data point.

Et tu Alan?

needed a slot for a Burg in the wine cellar. Thought the wife would like it w the grilled steak tonight.

Yes yes. Come to the dark side. The cordeloux is a great wine. Gorgeous perfume on the nose. Can’t wait for the 15s to arrive… some day.

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

The '12 is a lovely Rhone. I restocked after I finally tried one, showed really pretty even in its youth.

same. Bought 3. Tried one. Immediately went back and loaded up. Isn’t it past your bed time?!

Partners never stop. Money never sleeps.

And Winesearcher works for you 24-7.

Fu is still on 9-5 summer hours. I cannot wait until he gets his “wake up”! Blood, sweat, and toil, and all that. Is it any wonder that I love Northern Rhône Syrah…

So what did she think?