TN: 2012 Battenfeld-Spanier „Am Schwarzen Herrgott” Riesling GG

Noteworthy, so…

delightfully mature and balanced citrus that works as a nice counter to the topnotes of tropical coconut, bergamot and papaya. midweight full palate. citrus is fresh and aged. old and new. very subtle slate and wet limestone. Rarely does a wine make me stop and consider. Thank you

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from the winery…

The grape vine is an interpreter of the relationship between light and earth. I thought that I could do little to influence light processes, therefore I focused on the soil. The conversion of my vineyards in 1993 to ecological cultivation represented a natural and logical step. To my mind, wine should communicate a direct impression of the soil characteristics of the southern Wonnegau: marled chalk and chalk pebbles, all the way to solid limestone. One should be able to experience and taste the rock.

Nailed it.

Thanks for the note. I feel like the Battenfeld-Spanier are some of the best GG coming out of Germany, but yet to have one with this much age on it.