TN: 2012 Bartolo Mascarello Barbera

I opened this last night, note is from memory. This is a beautiful bottle of Barbera. It has a combination of tart red and black fruits, really nice floral tones (almost reminiscent of Nebbiolo in that sense), dusty earth, and a chalky character that I usually get from Barbera. There’s serious concentration without any excess weight or alcoholic heat. What at first seemed nice but maybe a bit straightforward evolved in the glass into something really worth thinking about as it picked up depth and complexity. It’s still so youthful. I’d be interested to see what happens in another 5-10 years. Thanks, Kirk!

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Kirk’s note inspired me to open a nice bottle of Barbera that he gave me a while back.

Doug, so glad that you enjoyed this…I’m sitting on a 2013 for quite some time to see how they are after some considerable time sideways. We’re cracking into some truffle pasta tonight in a truffle creme sauce with some locally sourced sausages so I’m cracking into an '01 Barolo. Notes to follow…in a little while.

tag-team gourmets !

Jim, if you’re in Mass…you should join us in the future. It’s always nice to add folks that “get it” when it comes to wine and this passion we all share. If you want to join us up in Maine for the next gathering, we have multiple guest rooms at our home and would be happy to help cut-down on the cost of traveling for a gathering.