TN: 2012 and 2013 Cristal Rose

Dinner with @Jon_Lawrence at Atera.

A rainy day in NY. I wasn’t sure if the dinner would stay on track or get cancelled given the heavy rain. But Jon made it on time and dropped the bottles an hour before the dinner service. Thanks Jon.

2012 Cristal Rose

We both felt like the wine was a bit closed to start with but opened up and hour into the dinner. It was an amazing match with some of the more hearty dishes. The wine had some amount of heft to it but yet was light on its feet.

2013 Cristal Rose

Oh man. An amazingly complex nose. Makes you wonder if you are having a wine that’s 20 years older than its age. Chalky. Great salinity. Lives upto its reputation.

Bonus wines:

1959 Lafie

A legend. Great provenance.

2020 Ramonet Aligote

On this day it outperformed Coche. You could just smell it forever.


The 13 rose was open? It was locked down tight last year.

The Krug to wash it all down?

Jon will know better how it compares to previously when he has had 2013 but I thought it was very open. Quite complex for its age. 2012 on the other hand felt closed and wasn’t giving as much.

The 13 was my favorite Champ of the night last year. The 08 was locked down tight.

Yeah you’re right, I went back to my notes again for that night

Maybe next time :slight_smile: Want to do a 2002 vs 04 vs 06.

The '13 was spectacular. With the first whiff, we new this was special. It was so smooth with lots of red fruits, some lemon on the back end, great acidity and a chalkiness that went on forever. Everything was in the right proportion, nothing overdone. This was my 2nd bottle of '12 this year and it did open up after an hour into the dinner, and it was very good, but a step below the '13. It does not get much better than this. I will post some food pics later, but the meal Atera was amazing, again.

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Thanks for planning it Jon.

Feel free to add more.


Had to go grab some more, price has come down just a little since release, 565 at whwc

That’s decent for US. I got a bunch at $450 last year and mags under $1k.

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You won’t regret that purchase.

The Krug was for the people next to us. I believe it was 170. They also had a half-bottle of '10 Haut Brion. The list has a lot of half-bottles.

Here are a few more pics. I must have left my menu in the Lyft, but I have one from a dinner in December and many of the dishes are the same. Everything was outstanding as you would expect for a **Michelin, but if I had to pick one dish as my favorite it is the Caviar dish. It perfectly combines, salt, acid, smoke, sweet and umami.


Saw a bottle in background assuming you drank it or used it as a rinse to keep your glassware fresh. :joy:

nice, from UK? I haven’t been buying enough to justify shipping from new places