TN: 2011 Ultramarine Blanc de Blancs Heintz Vineyard Sonoma Coast

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I’m going large on my score here. This wine just blew me away. To whomever suggested this wine on WB, THANK YOU!

I heard this was a year away too?

We were well into the night before this was opened. It was powerful and could certainly benefit with aging. I was just stunned with how good it was - a real treat as we were ringing in the new year.

Hope you got some of the Rose’. In my opinion it is even better. Really good stuff.

We did and it was equally as good.

Thanks for the notes and feedback everyone.

Really want to try some of these. Anyone know how long the waiting list is, roughly (and sorry for the slight thread drift)?

I’d sign up now, if you haven’t. I received (and bought) an offer this year and I signed up right after the previous release, IIRC.

Awesome, thanks for the feedack. I’m signed up, and hope my allocation comes as quick as yours. Thanks again!

Uh-oh not another board darling :wink:

Just go with it and jump on board.

Already their my friend.

Thanks for the early look on this one, Scott.
I found the 2010s to be truly compelling and some of the most exciting new wines for my palate and interests.
CAnt wait to try my 11s.
Also, don’t snooze on Michael’s eponymous Cruse Wines.
Opened another bottle of his sparkling Valdiguie NYE and it again stole the show.

Thanks Dennis for the recommendation on Cruse!

If anyone can spare a bottle, I’d love to try one. Tks Cary