TN: 2011 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard

2011 Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard - early days for this wine, but it was singing to me, louder and louder as it opened in the glass. Sweet peppery red fruit in the nose plus hints of blood/iron, and after it opened a bit of olive tapenade. On palate it wasn’t at all rugged as some Cornas can be, it was refined and smooth. Just out of the starting gate as far as development and already it is the best Northern Rhone I have tasted this year.


Nice that it showed so well for you, Bill. Thanks for the TN, hope all else is well



Hi Mike - long time no see. Call if you ever get out this way.

Not to hijack, but anyone had 2007-2010 lately?

‘Had the ‘06 Reynard this weekend and it was memorable.

We had 07 last year, it was good but still improving.

Similar experience I had last week with a 2011 Marcel Juge Cornas. The aromatics on many of these 2011 Northern Rhones are memorable!

I have the Paris and the Coulet (Mathieu Barret) 2011s and it is tempting to try another one!

Still working on the 96 and 97 Clapes, which are really tasty.

I definitely will do so, Bill, though sadly I don’t foresee a visit till 2026 at least. Ditto if you find yourself winging your way to Toronto.