TN: 2011 Saxum Paderewski Vineyard (USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles)

  • 2011 Saxum Paderewski Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (5/2/2016)
    Wow, did this bottle exceed my expectations. I always think this is one of the earlier maturing wines of the Saxum lineup. Five years from vintage is a good time to check in on it. While this is still young, it is so much more together than a bottle tried shortly upon release (not mine). 34% zinfandel, 31% mourvedre, 16% tempranillo and 10% syrah with 15.7% alcohol. Purple in color. Pop and pour, the nose is great from the start. Black cherries, earthy, leather, cherries, black raspberries, gravel and dust. One of those noses I just want to keep sniffing all night long. Wonderful lush texture. Lots of complexity here. Not as much layered as every sip bring something new. Kind of like fireworks of fruit and earth. Despite all that, it has a seamless quality to it. Long finish. Easy to just keep gulping, I had to remind myself that its almost 16% and that doesn’t change. Just a wonderful wine and the best vintage of Paderewski I can remember. (96 pts.)

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Thanks Loren. I like your note. Im sitting on 2 or 3 of the 2011’s. The Paderewski Zin is one of my all time favorites. As i havent made Saxums list i am still hoping a board member offers up some 2013’s on commerce corner. :frowning:

A modern day mixed black vineyard. I really like what Justin Smith does with this fruit.

Thanks Lauren - awesome note as always.

I don’t have any 11’s, but do have a 2010 in the cellar. Anyone tried that one lately? Trying to decide when to open it.

And my apologies for the auto corrected spelling of your name!

I’m in the same boat!!

I had the 2010 last night and thought it was very good. Went well with braised pork shoulder, glazed carrots, and a simple macaroni dish with Parmigiano-Reggiano, shallots, and chives. Decanted for about two hours while taking small pours throughout while I was making dinner. Not a lot of change over the two hours (maybe got a little smoother, or the alcohol effects made it seem smoother [snort.gif] ). I really like Saxum wines at 6 years past the vintage date. I can’t seem to make them last longer than that because I don’t have many of each, so I don’t have much experience aging them much longer than that. I’ve noticed that when I try them younger, they don’t seem as balanced as the ones I have had waiting until that 6 year date.

I really like pork shoulder and the recipe I used last night was the best I’ve made, so I’ll pass the recipe on as well. The dried cherries added during the last half hour really added a lot to the dish and went well with the Saxum.

Thanks Patrick!

So do you think there would be some improvement here with another year or two of bottle age?? wasn’t sure if you tried a taste before decanting for 2 hours, but any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks again!

I was offered the wine a few times in the past, but I’ve slid downwards in their tiering structure. Now, by the time I can finally order, there is none available, and I don’t get any wishes. Was one of my favorite wines, from a favored winery. But no more. I’m done with them.

I tried a taste immediately after pulling the cork and it was not much different than after the two hours of decanting. No idea what aging it more will do, but unless you want to age it for a really long time to see if secondary flavors develop, I don’t see any reason to wait. It was really good. I just don’t have the patience or volume to hold onto my Saxums for much longer than that. I do have one 07 JBV that I might hold onto for a long time to see what happens down the road.

Perfect, thanks Patrick. Think I’ll look to pop this one sooner than later.

My note on the 2005 Broken Stones in December 2014 says that it’s starting to mature but let’s check it out again in 5 years. My 2007 Mag of the JBV is my sons’ inheritance.

I’m with you guys. Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve had only good luck with 9+ year old Saxum.

Well now the plot thickens! Maybe I should hold off on popping the 10 for a while.


I have to start from left to right or they may start to overage

Yeah. Pretty jealous right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the notes Loren, it was great seeing you out here for HdR. And I agree about the Rew, it definitely picks up more earthy tones with age, I’m really digging the 09 right now. It’s also quite enjoyable with just a few years age too…so, drink when ever! As for Saxum’s and age, I’m agreeing that 9+ years is my favorite. To me the 05s and 06s are in a great spot right now.

That’s a nice looking rack there Joe!!

Jay, 05 BS is on it right now. Pop one. With an oak grilled ribeye. Dry aged, of course, 30 days :wink:

Paul, I’m not sure what you are talking about since you’ve only had one offering from Saxum it and didn’t include Paderewski…maybe you’re mistaking us for another winery??? Or trolling me…

Cheers everyone!

Sounds like a plan. The kids are coming home this weekend. Time to drink some of their inheritance.

Count me a fan of Paderewski too, and I prefer all Saxums with age.

I have one 05 left (a James Berry) and will open the next time I grill some steak! Thanks for chiming in, Justin!!!


Those years have always been my favorite of your wines. Now, if I could only have resisted drinking them early…Need to reload.

Anybody have any for sale? flirtysmile

BTW, I do agree that Paderewski is a wonderful wine. Why do you have too always make some great wine! [soap.gif] My wallet hurts.