TN: 2011 Domaine du Vissoux / Pierre-Marie Chermette Fleurie Les Garants [7.20.13 Update]

On pop and pour, I am convinced to be drinking an '09 Beaujolais. No, this cannot be the more angular, but equally inspiring, minerally, 2011s. This wine is big juicy red fruits, open, creamy, but still underscored by nice tension and an acidic back-bone. Cool river stones on the nose and palate, some florals, and a nice range of red fruits are present, from strawberries to cherries to wild raspberries, but perhaps better delineation to come with some time in the bottle.

Not picking up “incipient notes of gamebird,” but some slight gamey notes prevail.

Simply delicious. Ridiculous value ($22.99).
(92 pts)

PS. I bought the full range of Vissoux’s 2011s. This is my first bottle of any. Wow, cannot wait to try the others.

The Chermette’s did a wonderful job in 2011 - very vibrant and precise fruit. Even their 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau stopped me in my tracks.

Matt, this wine is better than 92. On my third glass already. Picking up weight, tannins arriving, but chalky and sweet. Becoming more chewy. An outstanding wine.

The nose is intoxicating

Thanks for the note. Picked up a couple from Premier Cru earlier this week, and cannot wait to try one.

What is this, beaujolais porn???

Let me put it this way, Tom: I’d “hit” it. On glass four. Watching Tour de France. This is a good evening.

I like this edition more than the equivalent 09. Similar richness to the 09, but more stones and funk.

Great note Robert. The Vissoux wines I’ve had from both 2010 & 2011 have been outstanding. I have tended to prefer the '10s but haven’t had anything from 2011 since just after release. It sounds like I need to try one again soon.

Thanks, Todd! Almost nothing left to that bottle I popped. Popping the Fleurie Poncie tonight.

I’ll look for some '10s.

Totally agree. This is not far off the 2009. I like both better than the 2010.

Are these 2009, 2010, 2011 good to drink now or are these for laying down?

As for the 2011 Les Garants, I say both. I say that sincerely. Approachable and delicious now but you know it will reward some cellaring.

I continue to be impressed with the 2011 Bojos.

Just popped the following three (sorry, not evaluating critically as this was a pure social gathering):

2011 Vissoux Fleurie Poncie - Very good, some drying tannins; enjoyable but eclipsed by the Les Garants

2011 Bouland Cote de Brouilly Cuvee Melanie - Outstanding, very open, creamy; a very impressive 2011.

2011 Thivin Cote de Brouilly - Also outstanding, love the salinity and iodine notes; still chewy, needs time.

I’ve bought a couple cases of 2011, but the four that I have popped this past week tell me unequivocally that I need to buy more. A very solid vintage from my vantage point.

Love the '09. Just picked up a case of the '11. Thanks for reminding me; I would have hated missing this one.

We opened the '11 Fleurie Poncie last night. It was decanted for an hour. It was very solid. I didn’t find the dusty tannins off-putting. Fruits of the red variety predominate. It paired well with the grilled ribeyes & grilled corn on the cob we had. Now I need to track down some '11 Garants!

edit: I just read some CellarTracker reviews of this wine & they were mostly of the opinion that it is fairly mediocre- that doesn’t jive with my experience at all…

Very good beaujolais in all recent vintages. Thanks for this note.

Yea I saw those too and hesitated. Glad I pulled the trigger. Figured if Gilman and Levenberg raved about them, then they are at least worth trying. Thivin, well, I trust this estate enough not to be particularly off-put but some odd ratings.

We opened an '11 Vissoux Traditionelle about half a year ago, and followed up afterwards with purchases of the Coeur de Vendage, Garants and Trois Roches. I’m a believer. I also bought the in the Thivin in case quantity.

All these bottles are vin de garde, imo, except possibly the Traditionelle (though the my last bottle of 05 Traditionelle was drinking beautifully last year). Even the 09 Garants we opened a few months ago would have benefited from a few additional years.

Good notes and thread.

Been enjoying the remainder of the Thivin I popped last night this afternoon and early evening. I with you, this is a full case purchase IMHO. It’s about as good of a $20 bottle you will find, period. Love the very crisp acidity, tart red fruits, earth and smoke. The salinity is making me swoon, and drink more.

Is the Chanrion comparable? My local guy just started carrying this estate? Gilman seems to place it in the same level but I have never tried it.