TN: 2011 Cowan Cellars "Isa"

A fine effort by Jim. IIRC, this is 100% Sauv Blanc, 70% skin-fermented. The style reminds me quite a bit of one of the mid-modern Jura wines. In this case, mid-modern means halfway between the classic oxidative flor style and the modern clean stainless style. Perfect with Emmentaler.

Just been open 20 minutes and already changing. Now showing less richness and more acid. I can’t wait to see the evolution through the afternoon.

I had one yesterday and really enjoyed it. Very light and easy to drink.

Thanks to both of you for the info. Picked up my Berserker’s Day order yesterday that had two of these along with “BEL” and PN. These are my first Cowan wines and looking forward to trying them.


I’m really enjoying the wines I try from Jim. The '14 Ribolla Gialla from the latest BerserkerDay pack was tremendous.

I regret that I didn’t buy one of each 6-pack.

I had one of these a week ago and it just had nothing there. Tried for 3 nights and never changed. First 2 bottles last year were sensational, must have been an off bottle.

Developed very well through the evening. Trying the dregs now on the 2nd day, it has lost a lot of freshness. Still has some merit, but I’d plan on finishing the bottle the day you open it.

Had this tonight. Drinks surprisingly very fresh and clean for a 5 year old orange wine. Truly delicious. Second of the Cowan wines I’ve had from the BD six pack and again very pleased.