TN: 2011 Chicago 'Riesling Summit"

About eight of us who are mostly active on the WLTV forum got together in Chicago two weeks ago for what we dubbed a “Riesling Summit”. With 17 different wines, we crossed three countries, 40 years, and multiple verticals/horizontals/diagonals. They were all very good to great, and only one was slightly flawed. I was also surprised to find that only one or two showed the oft heard petrol characteristic. The restaurant (which charges only $5/btl for BYO) was an authentic Cantonese restaurant with fantastic food, particularly their duck; the total bill was <$300, a full third of which was corkage. My notes and a couple pictures follow: They aren’t quite as detailed as I normally like due to focusing on comparing the various wine/pairings and of course fantastic fellowship.

CHICAGO RIESLING SUMMIT 2011 - Sun Wah BBQ, Chicago, IL (8/6/2011)

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I had a 2011 Grans Fassian Trittenheimer Riesling Kabinett [MSR] over the last several days. Fully bodied, darker gold, and fleshy/flabby. It’s drinkable, and sort of ok with a plate of Indian food, but I wouldn’t get it again. It’s not light and crisp enough.