TN: 2011 Chevillon Bourgogne

Kermit Lynch has the 2011 Chevillon wines and will be offering/allocating them shortly. Thus, I post this given the reputation of Chevillon in 2004. I looked/smelled/tasted hard for two hours and couldn’t find anything green here. I asked my wife several times and she said “no, there’s nothing green here.” After about the third time, she said “the wine is your style, it’s lean, but it’s definitely not green.” I thought the wine to be a perfectly good Wednesday night red Burg.

Disclaimer: I sell Chevillon and will be selling (and cellaring) the 2011s.

Can’t be so, this board says so. Who you gonna trust, your measly palate OR the boards minions who have spoken and pronounced judgement on not just Chevillon, nay, but the ENTIRE VINTAGE?!
The Board has thus spoken with annoited voice: the 2011 Burgundies suck and suck BAD.

(tongue-in-cheek, of course, but you get my point)

Okay, you caught me, Marcus. I was trying to blow this by everyone. The wine did suck bad. It did improve, however, with a plate of sauteed green peppers with ladybug shavings.