TN: 2011 Carlisle Two Acres (USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley)

Was wanting something red fruited with acid tonight…got it. This is super, drinking with features of delicacy, fruit, acid and Carlisle flare. I continue to enjoy the 2011 vintage, and FWIW, we also had a 2011 Carlisle Papera zin over the weekend and that wine was equally impressive. Counselor Seiber called out the high quality of that wine several months ago, and this Two Acres is right there with it, too.

  • 2011 Carlisle Two Acres - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (7/27/2014)
    My first of the two bottles I purchased. This aerated for about an hour resting in the bottle, no decant. Listed alc is 12.8%, a nice surprise. I really enjoy this wine, as it’s got the Carlisle texture–plush and round, yet it’s got the vintage’s signtaure of juicy, red fruit. The palate has a cool strawberry and cherry feel, with solid acidity. Hint of sweet leather, orange rind and a sour cherry in the finish. Dig this vintage of 2A. Drink window? Who knows, as I enjoy it now and there is enough fruit and acidity to fuel it but it drinks great right now for me.

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Thanks, Frank. I always think of 2A as a longer-term wine, so it’s nice to know that this shows well.

Just finishing the last few ounces tonight, Nate. What a great bottle, as it’s added some flesh yet it retains a loamy note and the spicy red fruits. Delicious. FWIW, I saw Loren’s note in CT today and his take was to let the wine go a bit longer in the cellar. I would see that being a good route, but I enjoy what it is for now and it’s hard to resist. I have an additional bottle left, I’ll wait on it for another 2 years.

FWIW, anyone in the OC or LA area that what’s to get rid of this bottling, I’ll take it.

Coming back with an update. Opened one of these tonight, really enjoy this wine. I don’t drink a lot of Mourvedre, but I wanted something low in alc tonight and this worked out well.

  • 2011 Carlisle Two Acres - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (7/21/2015)
    For me, this wine remains unchanged since the last time I had it just over a year ago. Zesty, red fruited, plump edges and spice. As I sit here enjoying this wine, I really dig it. It works for me because of the vintage, the red fruits and zesty acidity. If you drink it cooler in temp, it shows raspberry, spicy plum and a loamy, earthy note. I know with the way I described the earthy notes that sometimes I hear the word tree bark used for Mourvedre (this wine is nearly 100% Mourvedre), but since I can never recall eating tree bark (?), I’ll stand with the loamy, earthy note. Warmer, it fleshes out a bit more, the spice and plusher texture is more prominent. I continue to be impressed and enjoy the 2011 vintage and how terrific winemakers like Mike made it work for them.

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thank you