TN: 2010 Westrey Pinot Noir Abbey Ridge (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills)

  • 2010 Westrey Pinot Noir Abbey Ridge - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Dundee Hills (5/31/2012)
    Upon opening I got a big hit of cannabis resin on the nose. Not the piney, Humboldt kind, but the kind scraped from the inside of a multi-chamber pipe, but in an appealing non-rancid way. This was complemented by Bing cherries, plums and some forest floor. In the mouth it was more of the same fruit, but made a bit more high-toned by the medium plus acid. This is quickly buttressed by a smoky earthiness and a finish of toasted marshmallows, roses and watermelon, which was quite juicy and medium in length. The tannins are just barely noticeable and very fine, providing the slightest drying sensation. This wine is elegant, beautiful, layered and restrained. It has the gorgeous aromatic perfume and the funkiness to give it some complexity. Bravo. If you drink this anytime soon, give it at least an hour in the glass to show what it’s got. (93 pts.)

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I’ll take your word on the pipe residue, but I’m glad to have a few bottles of this I pilfered (bought) from David and Amy just this past Monday. Stunning stuff, and I can’t wait to taste the '10 Oracle, a vineyard I love.

Ron, those are creative descriptors. Regarding Ganja residue…a chacun son gout = YMMV. Toasted marshmallows and watermelons suggest a fairly sweet impression. My take was far more about the controlled ripeness, elegant structure and remarkable juicy-ness. So juicy that I was tempted to use a napkin between sips. Something about it hinted that it could clam up before emerging at an even higher level. True to form for fine quality young PN in general, but perhaps moreso for these OR 10’s, what you see early is definitely not all you’re going to get.


Richard, the impression of the toasted marshmallows and watermelon was not meant to be “additive” in nature suggesting overt sweetness. I was just trying to describe the totality of what I was tasting and I couldn’t find one descriptor for the finish, which had some sweet and very juicy fruit, floral notes, and a bit of a richness/creaminess that was definitely punctuated by good acidity. The watermelon descriptor was, to me, more about how a watermelon Jolly Rancher watermelon feels in the mouth. As you said, this is a juicy wine. Again, all of these sensations were in play together and in balance with the other earthy notes I mentioned. That being said, my wife did describe the wine as a bit sweet.

Thanks for the note. Was thinking of popping an 09 Westrey this weekend.


Which bottling, Jason?

I just stood it up in my fridge but I don’t recall for sure but I think it is the Justice. If it is not the Justice it is the regular WV bottling.

Thoughts? Trying to keep my hands off the 08s.


If it’s the Justice, it’s open for business like most '09s. Just tasted it Monday.

I’ve had 4 09 Oracles since August and none of them showed much in terms of aromatics. Here are notes from the last one:

A nice dry, correct OR pinot. Not fleshy or forward as the vintage seems to show. Strangely, bitterness and some green notes were pervasive again. Not vegetal, but stemmy and very little aromatics. A little old world in nature, which I like, but just not very charming. Need to leave the rest alone as they just don’t click with me when I have opened them since August.