TN: 2010 Virage Vineyards Rosé (USA, California, Napa Valley)

Just got this today–and couldn’t resist trying it. It hits on all cylinders–the intensity of a CA rosé with the acidity and dryness of a French one. Classy stuff, and I’m glad I was able to get my order in before the summer heat won out. IIRC it’s not 100% Cab Franc. But it’s all delicious in my book. 13.4% ABV.

  • 2010 Virage Vineyards Cabernet Franc - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/19/2011)
    Delicious! Slurpable, but at the same time I want to savor it slowly. Fresh fruits (berries, watermelon) on the nose with mouth-watering acidity. Finishes dry with great persistence. It’s summer and sunshine in a bottle, and refreshing. Not at all a typical Cali rose–this has energy and vitality to complement the fruit and concentration of flavor. A complete wine that is also a bit savory and minerally.

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how’d you get your hands on that? How much?

Spot on note Greg. Emily sent me a few a couple weeks ago, I immediately chilled one down and had it that night at a picnic in the park with my girlfriend. It was perfect!

I presume this fruit is from the old Havens site?

I’d give Emily at Virage a buzz or email to see how much rose she has left. Apparently it is in demand with restaurants. It was just released, I believe, so y’all should have a fighting chance!

I am not 100% certain, but I think some is former Havens vineyards fruit. Part saignee, part red grapes not quite ripe enough for red wine. Makes super rose, IMO.

I think it’s $23 to $24–I didn’t ask, I just ordered. Definitely on the higher end for rose, but it’s high end rose. Or, simply really good wine that happens to be pink.

Hey guys - Glad you’re all loving the rose! Yes, $24, yes, you can buy from me, yes. from Carneros vineyards that used to serve Havens–and additional Cab Franc from up top Atlas Peak…

Brig --call me --I’ll deliver! I’m in SoCal for a few days!

BTW, fixed the CT entry so it just reads Virage Vineyards Rose without a specified varietal.

And, as truth in advertising goes, the Virage 2010 Rose may be the first bottle in Napa history to show ABV higher than actual :slight_smile: I guessed to print the label at 13.4, as this was a long-slow-cool ferment, and it’s actually 13.3

SoCal Beserkers, I’m cruising around in Newport/Laguna area today and tomorrow. Call me if you want wine (707) 480-9155.