TN: 2010 Round Pond Cabernet Sauvignon (USA, California, Napa Valley, Rutherford)

The question always comes up among fellow Cab drinkers: “Can a really well made Napa Cab actually be had for under $30?”. I am here to tell you…yes. This wine has just one single aim in life and that is to please you here and now, but that’s ok, no? When you figure on who the consulting winemaker is, you can’t help but just know it’s the real deal. This is everything the 2010 Tobias I had a few nights ago wasn’t and let’s face it: Where else can you find a Thomas Brown wine for everyday consumption?

  • 2010 Round Pond Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, Rutherford (11/30/2012)
    Pretty nose of back currants, licorice and black plums with some deeply hidden sweetness. very nice. Palate shows nice pureness with a slight drying crossing through. not a deal breaker though. I get black berries, creme de cassis, Kirsch Royal and a touch of cardamon. Tannins are large but behaved and overall balance is spot-on. Finish has the dark black fruits in control. the mouth feel on this one is a joy and a welcome gift on a cold Friday evening. Tremendous QPR here. this should drink beautifully for the next 4-5 years or so, as long as the fruit hold out. A ‘why bother waiting’ wine for sure. (91 pts.)

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Round Pond’s owners have been throwing a good amount of money at the winery the last few years and it is paying off. I have not had the 2010 but liked the 08 and 09s well enough. I find the wines very drinkable right out the gate. They have a newer winemaking team too and they seem intent on improving quality.

The 06 and especially the 2007 are excellent

Have you tried the reserve yet Mike? I have one sitting on the counter (wine death row)

I have not. Only one other one, the 2007 I believe, not reserve.

Is TRB out? I see no mention of him on their site.

Just grabbed a '09 to try on Friday, when I’m off call, based on your note on the '10. May have to look for the '10 if the '09 hits the spot. Thanks for posting the QPR note, Mike.

Re: TRB, there was a picture of him with the other two winemakers, along with a bio, on the Round Pond site as of yesterday.

consulting winemaker

Mike…just for clarification…looking at the website there is 3 tiers of wines: Napa, Estate and Reserve. This is the Napa, with the red colored label? Thanks!

Yes, the Truck label.

You’re welcome. ($29 per and free ship on 3!)

Thanks Mike, picked up 3 with free shipping!!! [cheers.gif]

I am sipping some of this beautiful wine. Needed a bit of air but it sure aims to please, lots of dark fruit, nice mid palate and finish. Another case where a recommendation from a palate I know works its magic. Thanks Mike!!!

You’re welcome. Glad you liked it.

I’ll have to try the '10. I opened a bottle of the '09 last week and thought it was fair to good, but not in the realm of the praise I’m seeing here for the '10.

Have very good memories of the 07’, forward in style but enough acid to balance. Noticed the 08’ and 09’ didn’t score very well so I backed off. Good to hear they have another good vintage.

I picked up a bottle of the 09 Napa last year while browsing at K&L. I am a fan of the estate bottling so I figured I’d give it a shot. Like you, I thought it was okay, but nothing I wanted to buy more of at $30. There was definitely a lot of dark fruit. But the middle was very hollow and it showed too much oak. Otto’s note sounds like the 10 is better than the 09 based on his mention of the nice midpalate and finish.