TN: 2010 Raveneau Monts Mains

Raveneau has 0.36 ha in this vineyard, their smallest holding; by comparison they have 0.5 ha of Clos, their next smallest holding. One hardly sees their Monts Mains. In fact, I don’t have much experience with this vineyard from any producer.

Age 7 is young for me to open a Chablis but after a delicious 2010 B-S Vaudésir last night, I thought it apt. Excellent complex flowery bouquet, it’s a lighter wine than expected, but has superb definition, complexity, and depth. Very minerally, it is lithe and lean, and lovely.

This is actually my favorite from Raveneau, exactly because of it’s more classic Chablis character, as you describe. Fortunately, it is lesser known, and in slightly lesser demand. As if that matters with Raveneau [truce.gif]

Raveneau absolutely killed 2010. All up and down these are great. Very nice note.

Thanks Alan.
We barrel tasted the '10s and thought they were spectacular. This wine and the Forêts were my favorites.

Raveneau makes 3 wines from the Mont Mains vineyard, his Butteaux is at the top of the hill, his Foréts mid slope and Mont Mains is In the lower section near the town. I agree with Alan the Mont Mains can be leaner and more classic Chablis. For my palate the Butteaux is my favorite Raveneau wine from this vineyard site, it rivals the MdT in its complexity and depth.