TN : 2010 Meursault Charmes - Yves Boyer-Martenot

A recent thread dealing with PreMox in White Burgundies, led me to open a bottle of 2010 Meursault Charmes from Yves Boyer-Martenot. I could tell from looking at the wine in the unopened bottle that it appeared darker than the 2009’s from the same producer. Curiously I opened the wine a couple of days ago, expecting some premature oxidation had occurred.

What I encountered was something altogether different from my expectation. Yes, the wine was a bit darker in colour, but the aromas were jumping out of the glass exuding fresh citrus and melon; on the palate the wine displayed a full measure of acidity, but this was tempered to a degree by the lemon and mineral flavours augmented with clove and cinnnamon spice; extremely long finish where the fruit and acidity carried through nicely.

So much for my expectation of PreMox ! Obviously the slightly darker colour resulted from something else. As a comparison…or back up, if you like…I also opened a bottle of the 2009 Meursault “Les Tillets” from Boyer-Martenot, which was somewhat lighter in colour; some favourable aromas and flavours; acidity a touch lower, and overall didn’t carry the aromatics and nuances on the palate as well as the Charmes. The side by side comparison demonstrated the character of the 1er Cru over the Village wine, while taking nothing away from the Les Tillets, which was a fine bottle.

Hank [cheers.gif]