TN - 2010 Dom Perignon - the doomed middle sibling of 2008 and 2012 is a real beauty

2008 recently released, 2012 eagerly anticipated, a general price increase and COVID. It would seem 2010 Dom Perignon has so many things against it on the outside, but on the inside it is a truly beautiful thing. And that is all that matters to me.

2010 Dom Perignon

Lovely young champagne color, after 30 minutes of airing quite floral and alluring on the nose with white flowers, hints of marshmallow and roasted walnuts, and overhead a long steady note of sweet lemon fruit like a joyous sunny sky, on the palate a bit closed at first but with a half hour this opened beautifully, medium weight with the fruit character dominant at the moment- an array of citrus flavors with a sweet lemon note taking the lead, fine long finish with robust laser-precise acids, Granny Smith apple note as well, as on the nose this is especially joyous right now on the palate, after an hour the roasted walnut notes come on stronger to balance out the fruit notes, a well-rounded Dom Perignon in the more classic style but without the sheer mass of the 2008 or 2002, it reminds me most of the 2004 for being a strong well-rounded mid-weight, but there are shadows of 2002 with that pure note of sweet lemon fruit and also 1998 for its purity and floral expression, though the wines are very different- I would also say this might be the most feminine Dom since the 1982, all-in-all a very beautiful Dom vintage- but also a singular one, and perhaps that is because the current market demand now requires the great houses to make vintages they might not have in past, the beautiful outcome here is certainly a testament to Dom Perignon’s rightful place among the very finest of champagne producers, given collector frenzy for the 2008 and 2012- I imagine an even greater proportion than usual of the 2010 will be opened young in homes and restaurants, that is good news for the many fortunate who will enjoy this unusually precocious vintage, but for any who share my great love for Dom Perignon- you need a box of this in the cellar, in about 10 years when it starts creaming I think this is going to be an especially beautiful example and particularly well suited to accompany fine desserts in addition to the variety of other foods with which it pairs so well.

**()+, now to 2040, I imagine this will always be approachable, but I anticipate the real fireworks in 6-8 years time.

Very informative note, Tom. Thanks for the inside scoop!

Similar to 04 = easy pass

lol. 2004 dom is superb.

thanks for the update, tom

Great note. I was gifted a single bottle, and I may open it soon to decide whether to buy some.

I think 2004 Dom is garbage, but to each their own.

Yes, but the difference is that you’re wrong. neener


Great note and I am in complete agreement with you on this wine. DP did wonders with the vintage and overachieved like I never would have imagined. While it doesn’t have quite the potential of the 08 and 09 and isn’t as classically structured in its youth, it is delicious already. I’d rather drink this now than the 08 or 09 and, as you noted, this will turn creamy and age like you expect DP to do. Skipping 2010 is a mistake in my book. Setting aside 08 and 09, this is the best DP since 1996. I’m shocked there really hasn’t been much talk about this wine on the board. In talking to winemakers in Champagne and a number of other critics/friends, the praise has been universal and left many shaking their heads at how they managed to get this wine to reach this high quality, taste good now, have clear ability to age/improve and do it in millions of bottles.

According to LVMH 2012 Dom will be the best Dom ever. Even better than 2008

Say again?

Right now 10 is priced 20% more than you can buy 08 for. Probably the same people buying are the ones paying $189 for 08 comtes.

Most people know I can’t stand 04 champagne with the exception of comtes. I didn’t care for cristal or Dom and detest the Krug. If 10 Dom is similar I’ll stay far far away.