TN: 2010 Dom Pérignon Champagne (France, Champagne)

  • 2010 Dom Pérignon Champagne - France, Champagne (10/24/2020)
    Test driving the new edition…yup…spoiled by the 08! Got to get that one out of your head here…that will be a legend. The 10 is very bright and kind of candied lemon, or kind of muscat-ish? Not too sweet sweet, but just has that initial feel to it for me? Reminds me of those lemon candies my Grandmother use to give us as kids. Very clean and crystalline fruit…bubbles are a little edgy, yet there is a nice finesse. Mouth coating plush mousse…citrus pucker finishes with length. Not much in the way of complexity right now…no vanilla or caramel creme…no smoky flint strike…very subtle almond paste and ginger cookie at best. Not going to pan this wine…I actually like the brightness and intense citrus…the pretty white flower, muscat-like florals…and plush mousse…it just needs some time to come together and gain some complexity. I’ll cellar a few more bottles, but not going deep like the 08. +pts (92 pts.)

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The bloody DP pet peeve…

  1. Gift box. Unless I’m buying to gift…it seems such a waste when I buy these wines in their boxes(Costco) and rip the bottle out…throw away the box and inserts.

  2. Foil. Wtf…worst and hardest foil to remove. Cakes on even more with age!:+1:


I agree! I think it’s glued on. What’s the point?

Everyone is saying 2012…