TN: 2010 d'Armailhac

So here I was at the college Christmas party tonight, getting ready to leave, when I spot a familiar label on a nearby table. So I went over to see who was drinking such a thing, and discovered a colleague that I did not previously know was serious wine lover. He was kind enough to offer me a glass, which under the circumstances I had to drink out of plastic, but I saved a bit to take home and put in a proper glass. What can I say but that 2010 Bordeaux rocks!

Chateau d’Armhailhac, Pauillac 2010
Opaque ruby red. Extraordinary nose, deep and dense, but subtle, with rich, liqueur-like dried black berry, sweet red cherry, and a touch of cassis, all with good tone, abundant sweet mint with hints of cured tobacco and suede, all with generous graphite and smokey mineral; restrained and precise and yet with a sense of opulence, quite unique. Identical notes on the palate, driven by tart, succulent yet opulent red fruits, with a phenomenal sense of subtle depth, and a long, succulent, satisfying finish. The texture of this wine, and its incredibly sense of precision, is captivating. As with the other higher end 2010s at this stage, relatively restrained and yet already offered so much! 30 strong years ahead, and will last beyond that, given its exquisite sense of balance and poise. Absolutely enthralling! 4.5 Stars [12/15/16]

D’armailhac is ridiculously underrated

I had a '99 once that smoked 90% of all bordeaux I have ever tasted.

Not a big name, but dependable. I also liked that '99 d’Armhaillac.

Alfert giving me a bottle of d’Armailhac, I believe it was a 99’, is what started me down this slippery slope.

I have had one 2010 and it was wonderful. I have a half dozen more in the cellar for consumption way down the road.

That 1999 really was delicious! Interesting that is made such an impression on so many people.

The 2010 is a big wine but everything seems to be in balance. Quite interested to see how it evolves.

Loved the '99, sadly my stash is gone!

Everybody loves the little guy with grapes and a bottle!

Château Mouton-Baronne-Philippe is indeed underrated. Not the longest lived claret by any means, it offers something for modern and old school palates alike. The 2005 is quite good too, but the 1999 might be the best I’ve ever had from here. It certainly wildly outperformed for the vintage.

Boys…2000 is very good…2001 is very good…just popped the 2012 the other week…fuqn nice!

I had a '99 with Alfert and it was showing ok
…but I had two prior '99’s that were just killer, sweet red fruits, funk, earth and cigar box…just ripping

I have one more '99…an '02, '03, '08 and a '12…need to score the '10…a local buddy here liked the '09 quite a bit

Definitely a more modern style overall, but I feel like the balance and structure are classical (but with all of the components dialed up); I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it resolves into a more classic style down the road.

I’ve never been all that taken by the 2000.

I’ve not had the 2000 lately, but about 4 or 5 years ago, I thought it was drinking well.

I had a 2000 a few months ago. It’s pretty solid. I don’t people should wait further on it though.

I popped one for Alfert, it was solid Pat.

Solid seems about right for the 00 d’Armailhac. I haven’t had it in a while, but I recall it was much stronger aromatically.

Always a good value IMHO for medium term around 15 yrs.