TN: 2010 Biggio-Hamina Riesling Amity Vineyard

2010 Biggio-Hamina Riesling Amity Vineyard

I suppose the 2010 qualifies as a unicorn wine, last of its kind. Been holding it for a couple of years and figured today was the right day. The nose somehow captures a bit of that OR forest floor with some mineral notes and suggestions of baking spice. Bone dry attack featuring lanolin, apple and white peach. Nice persistence. Pleasing linear finish. Clean and balanced. According to the bottle: “It is proved that things can not be other than they are…”. And so it is…and a pleasure to drink.


Richard, I’ve only recently gotten into Oregon wines, and have little knowledge of vintages prior to 2013. What was it about 2010 that made it so unique?

Jason, 2010 was relatively cool with a long October harvest window allowing adequate ripening with lower brix. The best wines are lovely, elegant and restrained with good natural acidity. The better Pinots seem quite age-worthy. One of the top vintages of the 2000s IMHO. Not every wine holds true to vintage expectations…but by and large, most do.


I agree with Richard’s assessment. The big problem with 2010 as a cool vintage was that the blackberries didn’t get ripe in time for the migratory birds to eat. The birds started eating grapes weeks before their physiological ripeness would make good wine. So we had very low yields on a perfect vintage.

Thanks guys. Fascinating (and frustrating) about the birds.