TN: 2010 Albert Mann riesling Schlossberg

Decided to check in on these. Pale yellow color. Nose: faint quince, strongly floral (hyacinth?), some mineral notes.
Palate: stone fruit, mineral, citrus peel finish. Some notes on cellartracker have commented on the sweetness of this wine, and while the residual sugar is noticed, IMHO it is needed to balance the prominent acidity, which is perceptible separate from the fruit and mineral flavors. The acidity integrated with the flavors on the second day after opening.

Comparing this with the 2008 version from memory, that bottle had less noticeable RS, with a dryer, more mineral character, still brisk but better integrated acidity. While I haven’t thought of Schlossberg Rieslings typically aging well as long as Mann’s Furstentum, or some Schoenenbourg, or Geisberg/Osterberg wines, Peter Weygandt says that these two vintages should go twenty years: who am I to argue?

Had the 2004 a few weeks ago. Lovely stuff. Thanks for the note.

Anyone try Mann’s furstentum riesling in 2010?

Thanks for the Note great stuff, I forget about Mann as it hard enough to source quality Alsace wines on the west coast to begin with, let alone fussing about specific producers or vintages.

In a similar vein, I had the 10 Weinbach Schlossberg this summer, and was surprised to see the RS seemed more prominent that in previous vintages. Plenty of structure sure, great wine, just sweeter than I expected. It was wide open for business so while I will age my last one a few years, I don’t think it really needs extended cellaring for improving the overall experience.

Love Mann’s wine.