TN 2009 Seavey

Opened this to substitute in for another DOA 2001 Montelena. I always worry a bit about tannins when I open a Seavey, but the worries were unfounded here. First few tastes opened with a very distinctive spiciness, some tannin, but also a wave of mostly black fruit. It quickly integrated well, that spiciness faded a bit, but the glycerin/thick mouth feel and layers made this very unctuous wine showed beautifully. It was gone all too soon. I think this is entering a very nice drinking window. If you like them older, you can probably wait a long time.

Had an 01 last night. These age very well. The 01 is in a real good place right now!

The '95-'97 are killer as well. Fantastic wines, though I haven’t tried them from the last 10 years.