TN: 2009 Ridge Geyserville (USA, California, Sonoma County)

  • 2009 Ridge Geyserville - USA, California, Sonoma County (5/22/2019)
    14.3% abv. Dark ruby, explosive, room filling aromatics. Black raspberry, ripe plum, white pepper, and sage highlight a deep, intense and long palate impression. Outstanding power, focus and expression combined with lightness and precision. Appears to be in the early stages of a long and glorious plateau. Wonderful! (96 pts.)

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My general aging recommendation for Geyserville is “drink closest available.”

If a better, widely available fine wine under $45 exists in the world, I’d like to know what it is.

Has the '17 been released yet (I couldn’t find any on the Ridge website)?

Yes, 2017 is out and it’s very tasty. They’ve been serving and selling it at recent Ridge events. I’m not sure if it’s in stores.

M. Dildine wrote:
Has the '17 been released yet (I couldn’t find any on the Ridge website)?

Yes, it was released in March and is available through the Ridge website. I have also found it at some retail wine stores. My wife and I liked it so much we bought a case of it.


2014 & 2016 Geezer are soooooo good and the 2015’s no slouch either - can’t wait to try the 2017, will grab some for sure when it hits retail!

Geyserville has been on a glorious stretch from 2009-2017. Reminds me of that great run from 1990-1997.

Geyserville is one of the most consistently delicious, reasonably priced and ageworthy (yes!) wines in the world. A unique brambliness.

Thanks, Mike.

Had the ‘96 Geyserville out of magnum last week with Eric Baugher. The wine was simply stunning.

Geyserville is one of my favorite wines. I’ve visited the vineyard twice, it is a special place. I was very glad when Ridge bought the site outright from Trentadue, securing their access indefinitely. I do wonder how much longer those vines can keep going though— in the ‘old patch’, aren’t the vines like 110+ years old? It’s thoughts like these which make me say, stock up!

Sitting at Ridge today looking out over Lytton Springs and sipping on the ‘17 Geyserville (finally in some beautiful weather after a dreary couple weeks here). Another in a string of superb and consistent vintages. As usual, already delicious now and with only good things ahead of it.

Love Geyserville. Had an '09 several months ago with similar impressions. It was my first of 5 since I especially like them with some cellar time.

Amen to all the comments above. Not sure why I don’t buy a case of this every year.

You and me both, brother.

I had a small glass of 2016 the other night. I liked it but it seemed quite ripe and oaky compared to my impression of the 2017. 17 seems a bit backward to me for Geezer.

Ah, I missed you Ben, I was there yesterday :slight_smile:. The ‘17 Geyserville was youthful, fruity and as others here described it, but I preferred the ‘16 Lytton Springs for additional depth and complexity.

The ‘13 Geezer has spoken to me all along.

I will third this. I always love both Geyserville and Lytton Springs, but only ever end up with 2 bottles of each vintage. for the '17’s I promise I will do 6 of each!


Like ships in the night! I agree that, especially at the moment, the '16 LS is deeper, while the Geyserville is all youth and vivacity…for now…

Seems I’m more of a Lytton Springs type of guy. Was pretty disappointed in this Geezer.

2009 Ridge Geyserville - USA, California, Sonoma County (7/7/2019)
Seems this is a polarizing wine. As usual, I find myself somewhere in the middle. I found this to be somewhat enjoyable, with nice mouthfeel and some pleasing Zin aromas and flavors. On the other hand, there was a prominent roasted note and a beam of sweet oaky fruit that was somewhat heavy and with a liqueur feel to it. I see where RICARD is coming from, for sure.
This has been cellared by me in a wine fridge since purchase, so no issues with storage. I don’t have much experience with Ridge, but a 2007 Lytton Springs that I opened one year ago was so much more enjoyable than this Geyserville - pretty much outclassed this in every way. (87 pts.)