TN: 2009 Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Vigna Asinone

2009 Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Vigna Asinone

Bright ruby.
Nose of red fruits, leather, toast, charred wood and fresh-cut lumber
Palate is powerful, savoury and waxy but dominated by mouth-drying wood and toasty characteristics. There is red fruit, leather, tobacco and herbs buried deep beneath the oak but it needs time to unfurl and no amount of decanting will bring it forward at this stage. The finish is long and tannic with more wood and tobacco. It is, however, singular in its expression of fruit and terroir and does not carry the same complexity as is sometimes seen in young Cepparello IMO.
In any case, This is waaaaayyy too young unless you like to suck on wooden popsicle.
Try again in 5 years for more balance. But doubt this will ever be great. 15/20

FWIW i have a high tolerance for oak in wine compared to the majority of WB’ers newhere

I can never find this. Nice note my friend.

Thanks. I would like to try an aged one, say maybe from the 2004 or 2001 vintage so have a feel for how they stack up when more mature. But truth be told, i didnt find much in this showing, relative to its pricetag, that made me all that keen on seeking it out again. [cheers.gif]

More or less how I felt about every vintage of this wine that I have ever tasted.
(And sometimes it was even more like “doubt this will ever be good” :slight_smile: ).

Having read your note, I’m not sure it’s worth the bother for you. I have had these going back to 1990 at various stages in their evolution. Oak integration problems seem to be a recurrent theme. Plus, as you say, the tariff is a little out of sync with the wine’s reality :slight_smile:.

I used to work with this winery 12-15 years ago, and it does indeed age well -

You shouldn’t even have been allowed to open the 2009 this young - it is brutal when young - but at ten years of age it opens up to a point where it would blow away 75% of the Brunellos from the same vintage - I have a few vintages from the mid '90s that are still too young to drink -

Sometimes, you just have to be patient for special things…

Thomas, thanks for the info. It just seemed very monolithic, also compared to other young Sangio’s which were far from mature, and as others have noted it seemed to be so overpowered with oak that full integration seems doubthful. I like Barrique aged Sangio mind you, so i dont have a problem with the “style” by definition. However, this is the first vintage i try of this bottling, so i can only speculate.