TN: 2009 Poe Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Clos Valmi

  • 2009 Poe Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Clos Valmi - USA, California, Napa Valley, Yountville (3/24/2019)
    This is one of those weird, one off wines, that you only wish you have more of. A hand drawn label - each bottle is different. We have two and both labels are doodles. In 2012, we were trying to arrange an offline with locals when we traveled to California. No one was interested but Samantha Sheehan saw my post and suggested that we come to the 2009 Taste of Yountville vintage release and charity tent event that weekend. It turned out to be the biggest wine bargain of all time. Pay a few bucks - Maybe $50 - and walk around for 4 hours eating Younville food and drinking local cabs that had just been released. Probably 40 wineries. I remember Paradigm, Outpost, Realm, Blankiet and Dominus among my favorites. Samantha was there with her Poe wines. I don’t remember what the deal was, but we bought some chardonnay that was very good and we either bought, or she gifted us, two bottles of a cabernet. I seem to recall he telling me that there was all of one half of a barrel.

This is the first bottle we opened. 30 minute decant. Outstanding wine with a delicious nose and nice complexity. The nose is floral - violet like a nice barolo. There is some alcohol on the nose, but not annoyingly so. The palate is difficult for me to describe. Cherry all the way, but not monolithic. It’s like three or four different kinds of cherry. Smooth and not tannic. A bit of sharp spice towards the back of the palate. Apparent sweetness without sugar. Soft and plush. Easily ready to drink now.

Poe Winery seems to be making a lot of weird stuff like vermouths, and they have one cabernet, called Ultraviolet. I do not know if there is any similarity with what I am now savoring, but if so, back up the truck, because it is under $20 a bottle. (92 pts.)

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This is my photo of Samantha (on the left) with friend - identity unknown - at The Taste of Yountville 2012.

Hi Jay,

The Clos Valmi wine was made by a man named Ted Astorian who lived in Yountville on a vineyard. I knew him but was never associated to his wine.

Hope you are well.


Do you know who drew the label?