TN: 2009 Marcel Lapierre Morgon (France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon)

Ripped into another fab '09 last night.

  • 2009 Marcel Lapierre Morgon - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (9/24/2010)
    Packed with dense, juicy red fruit. There’s also a clean, stony, earthy element. That being said, there’s also a really big and powerful palate impression with plenty in reserve. Nice stuff. Compelling wines these '09s. Another winner here.

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Thanks for this one, Dennis.

Thanks for the note Dennis. Is this monster ready to drink or would you hold?

We drank last night with dinner (better with food) without a decant.
It’s drinking now, just seems that it will be fun to follow for a good long time.
It’s not a beast in the sense that it needs time, it just has a boatload of intensity now.
My 2 cents.

loved, just loved the Chateau des Jacques (Jadot) 09 Morgon last night for $16.99. Liked it better than their bigger Moulin a Vent. Was Morgon a sweet spot for Beaujolais?

Thanks for the note!

I gotta check this one out, sounds amazing.

Where did you find this?
I am trying to find a place in ATL to get Beaujolais.
On the lookout now for the Chateau de Jacques (Jadot) Morgon.
Thanks Alan.

Good news on the Chateau Jacques, got some coming in from Greg K once shipping weather returns.
The Lapierre was $20 locally, which is a steal in ATL dollars (our market is tough) for what it delivers.

Don-Sent you a PM. Told Matt we need to do an '09 Cru Boo dinner next month. Got a bunch to check on.

Unless something’s just changed, I think Jadot’s Morgon chateau is ‘des Lumieres;’ des Jacques is all MaV.

Nice note. Had this a couple weeks ago with similar notes. Was even better on the second night.

Thanks! BTW, where did you get the Lapierre? I’ll be flying out of ATL Sunday and wouldn’t mind grabbing a bottle to have with dinner Saturday night.

There’s no more Chateau des Lumieres, now it’s all incorporated into Chateau des Jacques which makes sense.

Had both of them from the 09 and I thought that Morgon might need more time, MaV was drinking well now with some aeration. Both were excellent and will easily last 10 years. My 05’s are drinking well now and still on the up curve.

Who was the importer on your bottle?


I has this one Tuesday night along side of the '09 Bouland Corcelette and I the Lapierre was the winner. I am really enjoying the '09 Cru Boos that I’ve tasted thus far. I taste the '09 Jean-Francois Merieau ‘Le Bois Jacou’ Gamay de Touraine (I know that Dirty and Rowdy have been fans in the past) and the palate was leaner than the Cru Boos but had some nice funk on the nose and a streak of mineral on the finish.

thanks. I was surprised the 09 had landed.

We had the '06 in August, and also the '07 Cuvée Marcel twice. The former is wonderful, I think a bit lighter than the way you describe the '09. The CM is deeper, more minerally, more profound, takes about 90 min. to open up. But it’s really beautiful, light and heavy at the same time, an amazing wine, which I suspect will continue to develop for some years.

Okay, thanks: didn’t know that.

I had the '06 last night and it was excellent.