TN: 2009 Joseph Drouhin Morgon (France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon)

  • 2009 Joseph Drouhin Morgon - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (1/12/2011)
    Inky garnet (can’t recall ever seeing Beaujolais this dark before) in color. Recognizable aromas of bright red cherry, fresh grape juice and yeasty bread dough. Medium plus acidity, low to zero tannins, medium intense flavors of red & black cherries, red plums & sweet raspberries. Finish is quite silky. This is really nice stuff. (88 pts.)

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Steal a bottle from work?

I had the exact same reaction to the brouilly but didn’t like it at all. Is this normal style or will it evolve?

Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few (only?) people who really like Drouhin’s take on Beaujolais. I bought a case of this wine.

FWIW, they aren’t really pleasant at all when popped and poured. I think I slow oxed this wine for like 8 hours until it was tasting good for me. I suspect they will need quite a bit of age to be ready.

do you have cellartracker linked in to this website ? I like how you have your tasting note directly from CT

This is a big gamay, but I think there is a lot going on. I’d probably score this wine higher for my palate(90+). This is better than a lot of high scored 09 crus.

Agreed Rich but, as Berry wrote, this might improve with a few (or many more) hours of air. My note was based on a pop & pour.

Chris, thanks to Eric L. CT & Berserkers have been linked almost since day 1. Just click on the “Post This Tasting Note to Another Forum” link right under your published note.

that is amazing…ill have to keep my eyes out on that next time

Interesting, I’ve had a few of these and have 6 left, I’ll try this approach. There’s some structure but it’s very approachable now. Gilman gave it a 94 (!) and said try from 2014.

2014 sounds a bit optimistic to me but that would be nice.

FWIW, decanting would speed up the opening of the wine but I like to slow ox to preserve the aromatics (maybe not as necessary for such a young wine). That said, drinking these now seems too much like babycide to me. I think there is huge potential for complexity here.

Hi Guys,

Based on how beautifully the 2007 Morgon was drinking just a few months ago, I would not hesitate to bury the 2009 Morgon from the Drouhins for a few years. Today it is all exuberant fruit, but there is complexity and nuance that will come if this is tucked away for a few more years. I tasted the 2007 on a couple of occassions about two years apart and the wine improved quite a bit in terms of delineation and burgeoning complexity with the additional bottle age. The 2009 has significantly better raw materials to work with than the 2007, so I really think that the best is yet to come with the '09 Morgon (particularly since it has such lovely acidity for such a ripe young wine). I asked Veronique Drouhin about how their Cru Beaujolais generally age and she said that the domaine has not traditionally kept any long enough to find out, but that it was something they really ought to start doing (and may have done so with the 2009s). So there is no frame of reference at the domaine for how the older vintages of their top Crus have evolved over time, but I really think the '09 Morgon could cruise along beautifully for a couple of decades. I’ll at least keep some around and see what happens well on down the road.

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I bought a case of this on John Gilman’s recommendation a few months back. It’s quite a value as well – $15/bottle at my local store, with many of the other highly-regarded 09 crus selling in the $18-26 range.

I tried one a month or two ago. I didn’t take notes, but my recollection is similar to what John describes. It was stuffed with nice dark berry fruit, but fairly simple and straightforward for now. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes in the coming years.

There’s an intriguing CT note on this wine that describes it as okay on opening, but really singing on the third day after. It’d be interesting to hear others’ experiences tasting it over several days.

OK, I’m convinced. I just ordered a case of this wine to add to my stash of 2009 Cru Beaujolais. This makes six different crus in the cellar to sit for a few years. This should be an interesting experiment - long term cellaring of Beaujolais.

I saved a little over 1/3 of last night’s bottle for tonight. I will update later tonight.

SOBER 2035?

Sorry gents. Ended up going with beer tonight. Tomorrow the bit of Morgon shall meet its demise.