TN: 2009 Holdredge Pinot Noir "Rolling Thunder"

Absurdly delicious. Quite possibly the best California Pinot that I’ve had. Nose is a mix of deep dark red fruit and ranges from baked cherries to fresh raspberries to rhubarb to sassafras. Just an amazing mix that is barely possible to tease out, with the total coming out greater than the sum of the parts. The palate is full and plush and if anything is better than the nose with a racy mix of cherries and raspberries, and a long finish that mingles the fruit with a fine chalky minerality. Bigger than your usual Holdredge Pinot but still very pretty and elegant. Simply awesome. (96)

Not to mention one of the greatest RnR tours ever!

Very appropriate that a rare thunderstorm should be rolling through the East Bay on the night I open this. The flavors and aromas just keep getting deeper and darker with time in the glass.