TN 2009 Herb Lamb Suavignon Blanc EII.

Wow, I didn’t know that American SB could be this good. Nose of grapefruit and maybe a peachiness. In the mouth, great bracing acid, grapefruit and lime. Finishes nice with a lingering citrus blend.

This wine would fool anybody in a blind tasting. They will identify it as coming from New Zealand. I say this with caution, because a lot of people have grown tired of Kiwi S.B as being a bit cookie cutter. Don’t let my comparison scare you away from this wine.

Super food friendly, a great example of Sauvignon Blanc.
$24 direct from winery.

Thanks for the note!

This is by far my favorite domestic SB. Not sure if I would compare to to a NZ SB; from my experiences with a year of age the wine will gain some creaminess and pick up some more weight. I have had similar experiences with white bdx and I think the heavy dose of Sauvignon Musque gives it this gorgeous mouth feel similar to white bdx.

glad you enjoyed it, buy more before its gone!

Had this 2 days ago for the 4th time. By far the best steal among domestic SBs, and they still have a few cases left. I just asked Jen how people who want some can get it. All you have to do get up to a case is…

  1. Go to their website here

  2. sign up

  3. You will receive an email with the offer for up to a case of the EII Sauv Blanc within 24 hours, plus you will be added to the regular wait list for the HL.

Can’t you keep a secret ? [pillow-fight.gif] Jennifer just delivered a few cases and said they are getting low.

picked up my case last weekend, maybe it will last me through the end of summer

roy…shhhhhh! [smileyvault-ban.gif]

I am not very good at secret-keeping when it comes to good wine at $24. [drinkers.gif]

Haven’t tried one yet, but mine were $36 from the winery after shipping! [suicide.gif]

its still cheaper than araujo or spottswoode!

$24 with free shipping for cases. I got a couple of cases when I got mine. … Terrific summer SB.

My 3 bottles arrived this week. Sounds like I seriously under ordered.