TN: 2009 Domaine des Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun) Morgon

2009 Domaine des Terres Dorées (Jean-Paul Brun) Morgon - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (1/20/2016)
Tight as a drum. Totally closed. Do not disturb.

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David, have you tried the '10?


Not in a long time.

Funny, I clicked on this thead thinking, “what the hell is he opening a 2009 Brun cru for? That’s going to be more shut down than a Lafarge Volnay…”

Idle curiosity. Cheap experiment.

I opened this tonight and it was doing great, I thought. Tannins present but giving the wine shape. Is in no danger of imminent decline.

Last night, I opened up a 2009 Duboeuf moulin a vent Domaine De la Tour du Bief. This was my wine of the year last year but the bottle I had last night was shut down and bland.

A guest gave us a bottle of '09 Foillard Côte du Py (which she found on a back shelf in a wine store!) the other day. Anybody tried that lately? CT TNs are mixed on whether it is fully ready.

Having a 2014 right now. Bright cherry lolipop but has a very funky really earthy base. Quite tart, almost like red currant. Delicious. Will be better in a few years, but we’re having it now instead and it’s good. One of my faves.

I realize that David’s OP is from early last year, but when one of my group’s tasted the '09 Terres Dorees this spring, I found it was quite tight to begin with but opened up with air. I posted notes at the time.

The last one I opened, within a couple of months (iirc) was quite good, but obviously still developing; the one before that, months earlier, completely unresponsive. So, my data roughly tracks the experience outlined by David, David, and John.

Last 09 Foillard I opened, months and months ago, was extremely good, but I was not tempted to open another one any time soon. Very serious wine, imho. However, if you have several bottles, could be worth opening one for learning purposes.

Thanks for the Foillard feedback, Ian. I’ve only got one bottle, so I’ll be in no hurry to open it.

Here’s my note from CT, December 20, 2015:

“This is a pretty great wine. The first day, it was an almost odd composite of distincitive elements, each intriguing on its own merits: tannins that were stern but also zingy, freshening acidity, fruit that still conveyed a sense of lushness. Made me think of the early Picasso cubist paintings that are so well-organized, even though the immediate appearance is completely disjoint. Second day, the components marry up, and the wine is knock-out in both weight and content. Serious, even profound, and an incredible value, in the world of wine, at under $30.”

I didn’t realize I’d opened this bottle almost two years ago: the perfect is the enemy of the good, and you always run a risk of losing the goodness of a particular bottle while waiting for its very best. I speak as one who tries to go a bridge too far with baffling frequency :slight_smile: It’s probably time for me to get into another bottle of this soonish.

Curiously, it appears I have a double magnum of this wine. I have no clue what to do with double magnums.

FWIW, my two Brun Moulin bottles this year were in April (meh) and August (yes!). So, the wine’s either on a development threshold or there was some bottle variation (or both).

Brun Fleurie 09 totaaaly ready as of a few months ago.

That’s good to hear. That wine was great on release and closed down super hard. A bottle last December showed promise but my notes said wait. Sounds like these may all be rounding a corner. Have a few left and one or two of the Morgon.