TN: 2009 DeBiase Pinot Noir (USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley)

2009 DeBiase Pinot Noir - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (4/15/2013)
This is loaded with spicy, cherry cola, and is very well balanced. It absolutely hit the spot. Delicious wine. Drink it now, as it’s just so easy to enjoy.
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Agreed. Thomas has a touch with these!

I only have one bottle of the 09 left. [cry.gif]

CellarTracker says I have one more RRV, but I think it’s gone. So darned tasty, and that’s from someone who is not normally an RRV fan.


Glad you enjoyed the 2009 RRV, it’s in a pretty playful place right now I would agree. For those of you that missed out on your allocation of 2010’s there is some wine still available and it will be available on our NEW website which will be going online in a week or 2. We’re going to try to do something a little different where we try to use social media to keep the content of the site constantly changing where you can log in at any time and see different things that are happening in the winery, vineyards and my kitchen (where my best work arguably takes place!) Vineyard & winery cams, recipes etc! Hopefully this will be cool and interactive and not a cluster-f*ck, but you know what they say about best laid plans…


See you and your wife soon hopefully! Let me know what dates you will be out here.

I will indeed contact you soon!!!

Bring on the “cluster-f*ck”!!! Wishing you boatloads of success.

You are one of the finest gentlemen of the industry, and you were cut from the cloth of one of the finest men I’ve ever met–your father!

I would love to revisit your wines. And, I’m going to [drinkers.gif] , when I’ll be out-there–in the near future(I hope).

Your wines have beautiful structure. I want to experience them with a couple/few years of age.



FYI, I actually had a glass left for night two - it held up beautifully!


That’s good news! The wines certainly show best with a vigorous decant. 16-18 months on the gross lees without no racking or fining/filtration will do that!

I have two bottles of the 2009 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and two of the 2009 Fritschen Vineyard Pinot Noir. I normally don’t rate with points except on CellarTracker but on that forum I gave the basic RRV Pinot 92 points. Can’t wait to see what the Fritschen Vineyard wine is like but I want to give it maybe a couple more years in bottle.

Good call Jane. The Fritschen was pretty darned tight on release. I’m waiting another couple years on my remaining bottles.


I agree the 2009 was tightly wound a couple of years ago when it was bottled! 50% whole cluster and 7 grams/liter total acidity, there is so much structure in that wine but a wealth of fruit. Fritschen Vineyard is surrounded by Rochioli, Allen, Williams Selyem Estate, Bucher and Bachigalupi. What drew me to the site was my love of the old Williams Selyem Allen wines of the 80’s and early 90’s, and how they have grown to become something remarkable with 20 years of bottle age. How did Burt do it? To be honest I don’t know exactly but my goal as a winemaker is to pack as much structure into the wines from that vineyard that the fruit will handle & pick it relatively early so there is plenty of natural acidity. Hearing that folks are laying this one down for a few years makes me think I may be on the right track!

Thomas does indeed make fine Pinot. I have a select few of the 09’s left and a case sleeping of the 10

I agree it shows best with a multi hour decant. Although its a lot of fun to give I just an hour, then follow it over the night.

I make a slow smoked salmon entree and this is by far my favorite pair wine. I only wish I had more fitschen.

Thomas is a great guy, and makes great wine. Highly recommended.