TN: 2009 Coudert Fleurie Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardive

More refined aromas than a bottle opened in 2010, still displaying a masculine side, but less broth and more black raspberry and nutmeg/spice elements. Great depth on the palate, such a serious and structured wine. One of the best wine values out there.

An easy buy every year.

Such lovely stuff!

Popped the 2010 Lapierre Morgon tonight with grilled pork chops. Delicious stuff as well, and ironically, actually more ripe than 2009, IMHO.

We drank our bottle with bbq chicken, delish.

I did buy this wine frequently in past vintages and usually like it. A 2003 served blind recently alongside some 2003 Burgundies was identifiable as a Beaujolais and I liked it a lot as it was nicely fresh in light of the vintage, had aged gracefully and was well balanced. On the other hand, a recently drunk 2007 was mostly wishy-washy, had a slightly overripe two-days-before-rotting-plum note and simply didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t drink any of the 2009s yet and keep my hands off from the 2005s, too. 2004 and 2006 I left out.

Love thiso one, too.
The 2010 i like even a bit better for current vintages.

Anybody tasted the 2011 yet? I see it’s around. Of course for $22…

I had a hard time totally enjoying the 2010. Stems seemed to dominate. LOVED the 09.

I drank the 2011 over the past two nights. I’ve enjoyed the 2009 vintage more but the 2011 is still a good value.

3/20/2013 rated 88 points: Closed down on day one yielding little fruit on the palate. Lighter red fruits on the nose. Minerals on the palate. Good juiciness that I enjoy from Beaujolais in general. Opened on day two showing more of its fruited charm and depth. Hold remaining bottles for two years. Potential for a higher score down the road as well. (149 views)

There are reports that the 2011 is still very acid and tannic. How was yours in that sense?

That was my report and I have not changed my mind: these babies are tucked away. The 2010 Griffe du Marquis, by the way, is simply gorgeous.

It seems very early to be looking for the goods the 2010 and 2011 CT, or even the 2007. 2009 was an outlier in its layers and layers of baby fat, even for Beaujolais, and showed better young than usual. But this is a wine with a reputation for aging.

It was shut down and tannic but revealed some charm after a day in the bottle. Do not disturb for a few years. I did not think it was overly acidic.