TN: 2008 William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux (France, Burgun

  • 2008 William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux - France, Burgundy, Chablis (7/3/2010)
    This wine made a great pairing with assorted seafood at one of my partner’s Country Club Food Fest and Comedy night. I drank this with crab claws, shrimp, clams, red and white tuna sashimi, and spicy tuna rolls. The steely minearlity and white fruit was a perfect match for the food. This wine is light to moderate in color with a palate of white fruit and steely minerality and some bracing acidity with lemon citrus overtones. It’s grown on top of limestone, right? I do not know if this gets time in oak, but my guess would be no. (89 pts.)

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At $17 locally, the 07 was my house white this year. None of my non-geek friends believed it was chardonnay. Great to use in cooking, too. If the 08 is as good or even nearly as good, I’ll be happy.

Champs Royaux is a regular purchase for me. Good qpr but don’t wait too long to consume. A recent 2005 was getting a little long in the tooth.

Yhanks for reminding me. That was the other reason I brought it. I asked my partner’s wife last week what wines I should bring and she said she liked fresh summer whites other than chardonnay, which she thought was too strong so she didn’t like it. I brought the Chablis with the expectation that it was more to her liking. I was right.

IMO, the '08 is even better than the '07 (and I really like the '07 vintage across the board for Chablis).

This is a great value wine, hard to imagine a better $20 white for my tastes.

This is especially a good buy relative to the Grand Crus which are now quite expensive. The 08’ is great too. Fevre’s 1er Crus use to sell for as low as $25 btl and the Grands for low as $35/blt for the 02s but skyrocketed with the 04’s onward. I only buy this blt now. I really like the MTD but its $45+ now.

[quote="Steven Lawrence]. . . This is a great value wine, hard to imagine a better $20 white for my tastes.[/quote]I’m not sure what we paid for this. We got a half case at Posner’s annual tasting. I think it was a few dollars less than $20. It’s an excellent wine to drink now, no need to worry about premox, and a reasonable level of flavor complexity. The only thing I missed was the roasted cashews that I have found in the higher level Fevre Chablis, which may simply come out with more age.