TN - 2008 Screaming Eagle

Posting this TN here because I was truly surprised- and happily so- at just how wonderfully this wine has developed. While I remain staunchly AFWE, there are a number of California Cabernets I like very much, and I can at least appreciate and respect many of the more “modern” ones that may not be my style but which do offers pleasures of their own.

Eagle is one I have rarely procured - but something I enjoy and feel to be truly distinctive and well balanced. But on Saturday I had one at full maturity for the first time- and found a rare pleasure and beauty that I never would have expected. To share the bottle with my parents and their good neighbors and long-time friends was all the greater. In my early wine days, Dad introduced me to Lafite, Mouton and Petrus among many other beauties. It was nice to be able, this one time, to really wow him in thanks for all he has taught me.

2008 Screaming Eagle

opened about 45 minutes before serving

deep young red color- still youthful at the rim, soaring sexy nose of creamy cassis and ripe plums but also with very classic notes of bramble and boxwood like a fine aged Pauillac, on the palate very classy, it retains the exuberant creamy cassis and raspberry liqueur notes so prominent in this wine when it is young- but as on the nose it has developed in surprisingly classic directions as well, subdued in overall tone and wonderfully harmonious served alongside lamb chops and bacon wrapped quail, cherry core with racy leather notes, bramble and boxwood, superb length- seamless and even elegant in its way, with time a slight mint note developed along with a lovely cascade of violets and a more pronounced presence of saddle leather notes that would rival a great Barolo, this is my first encounter with Screaming Eagle at full maturity and I have now transitioned from an admirer to a devoted fan, it has developed so many wonderful characteristics associated with the greatest of old world regions but always it remains Screaming Eagle with those elements which make it truly unique and also such a fun roller coaster of an experience in its youth. Really and truly one of the world’s greatest and most singular wines.

*****, ready to drink with time in hand- at least another decade


This TN made me erected…


Beautiful note.

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Thanks for the note, Tom. It’s very interesting to read your take.

No helicopter? :flushed:

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Thanks so much for the nice note. Do you have a sense of when Screaming Eagle cabernet reaches full maturity?

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I do not have enough TNs for Eagle to give you a solid answer, but given where this 2008 was I would imagine that if a person is buying 3 packs and wants to drink them in full development, then the 10-12 year mark is a good time to pull the first cork.

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