TN: 2008 Pepiere (Marc Ollivier) Muscadet Clos des Briords

Really a stunning value.

I’m sipping a glass from a bottle opened last night and I’m having to remind myself that this is not a Chablis from Preuses, but a fine bottle from a place far west.

Such a nice chalky, saline infused minerality. A whiff of Reggiano. lip-smacking lemony acidity begging for a Plats de Mer.

I want to note that this wine improved drastically for me when opened over the past 24 hours. The “Sur Lie” from Pepiere drinks great right from the pop. This needed some unwinding.

and, hey, if it sucks you lose what–$15 or so? Never had one I didn’t love . . .

There was a thread here on the '09 (but this one is not “Clos des Briords”, apparently) not long ago:

Don’t send any '03 Pepiere Alan’s way.

Thanks for the note Jeremy. I liked this a lot and still think it is a step down from the 07. Excellent value in either vintage.

Thanks for the note on this, good to know as I haven’t cracked any of mine yet. But did have the '09 Pepiere Muscadet that Peter referenced and loved it.


The 2008 was the first Briords I’d ever had. I loved it so much I don’t think my wife got any. I’d like to try the 2007 now if I can find it.

BTW, did anyone notice what type of cork the Briords had? Mine cracked lengthwise on the way out and didn’t seem like real cork to me. I didn’t pay close enough attention though.


Agree with CW. I don’t think '08 will measure up to the great string of '02-'07 (excluding '03). That said, it’s remains a great value. IMHO, Luneau Papin did better in '08. Looking forward to '09.

Unless something has changed-real cork.

I’d like to try the 2007 Briords as well–thought I scored some at Woodland Hills, but they were out.

It really is fun chasing $15 bottles!

Personally I preferred the 2008 Briords to the 2007. Really looking forward to the 2009…

Real cork.

Despite Jay’s preferences, I’d recommend it. Popped one this evening and it’s just lovely, mouth coating minerals cleansed by penetrating acidity. Thoroughly tasty.


I just found the 08 to be more forward and less concentrated than the 07 which seems to pretty dense for Muscadet. But that is picking nits a bit. I suppose the 07 has a brighter future to me where the 08 is great right now.

Hi Jeremy,
I have a bunch of the '07 and would be more than happy to give you one for scientific purposes.


Robert–just saw this post.

Thank you for the offer!!!–let’ stry to get together this summer for some Muscadet and, of course, Burgs.


If you haven’t had the '09 Briords, open one Jay. Just popped one tonight after picking up a case at Wine Library…and just ordered another case. DElicious.

$13 a bottle, is insane for this stuff. Can’t think of another wine for that price that I would rather have, and of course, drinks better than many $30+ whites.

And oh yeah, real cork!! [cheers.gif]

Steve, how does it rate compared to previous vintages - I thought the '09 Sur Lie was good but nothing revelatory, and was wondering how the Briords stacked up.


I’d say it is delicious now, carrying more fruit than, say the '07…which, to me had GREAT structure. I’d say this does not have as much acid and strength. If asked to score it, compared to the '07, I would have to bring it down a point or two for structure, but it is so tastey now, and with the trust I have in the Briords, I bought two cases at the $12.99…or whatever it was that the Wine Library is selling it at. Last year, they were selling the '08 at a great price, and it was gone before I got enough. For the acid freak who loves these wines partly due to that acid kick, they might be disappointed.

Hope that helps. I’m bad at notes. But there is beautiful forward fruit, for the Briords, and I loved it last night.

Bought the '09 in mags…

Thanks, Steve - I took the plunge as well, but haven’t gotten around to picking mine up yet.

Bill, nice - I’m pretty sure I have the '06 in mags, as well as the '07 Granite du Clisson.