TN: 2008 Hudelot Noellat Vosne Romanee Les Suchots

2008 Hudelot Noellat Vosne Romanee Les Suchots
Crystalline red color.
The nose is elegant red fruits with a hint of spice.
The palate is crunchy red fruit now. No soy notes yet. Hint of that asian spice but it is buried. A length that surprises with some warming of the wine.
It is not totally open but boy do I love this. A +
Pinot noir from Burgundy is special stuff.

Thanks for the note Don…sounds wonderful. I missed this in 08 but I did grab some 2010s. Looking forward to trying one.

Thanks. I do not have the 08 Suchots, but just bought some 2010 H-N NSG Murgers.

For some reason I did not buy any HN Suchots in 08…big mistake!!!
Thanks for the note don.
Best regards,

I actually did buy this wine, but only 2 bottles, plus 2 Beaumonts (and 2 CDV). Nice to have such a positive report, but I was thinking of trying the first at about the 10-15 year mark.

It’s been a while, but my 01s and 02s of this were singing last time out - thanks for the reminder Don - I must revisit!

Had an 01 Chambolle on Fri night that was very smart and ready to go, and 02 Combe d’Orveau and Beaumonts in last 6 months that have been delicious.

Love the vineyard and what H-N do with it Don. I just unloaded a couple of cases of L’Arlot’s 2010 version from the car, I fear one may be sacrificed this evening in the name of science.

Sounds fantastic! Just curious, does anyone here have experience with the 2007?

I bought mainly Volnay, Mugneret-Gibourg, Drouhin and Arnoux in 07. Also a little Ponsot. I didn’t buy Hudelot. Don’t know exactly why. I bought broadly in 08.
Maybe that was the difference. I don’t have any experience with the Hudelot 07’s. Cheers.

Cracked an 07 VR tonight that was OK, but not particularly inspiring…a bit sweet and sour!
I did crack a Beauxmonts some time ago but recollection is vague!

+1 on H-N and especially the Suchots. thanks for the notes Don!

10-15 year mark is about right for me too. I enjoy my red burgundies, notably the special ones, with age.

The nice thing about this board, and I don’t mean this in any negative sort of way, is that there’s almost always someone willing (and able) to try a wine long before you would have felt comfortable pulling one of your own to try.

Great note Don - looks like I have some of this one in the cellar! Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the great note. 2008 burgs can be very lovely and special. My favorite young vintage for burgundy so far (thought 2005s bode well for the long term obviously)