TN: 2008 Hiedler Weissburgunder Maximum (Austria, Niederösterreich, Kamptal)

  • 2008 Hiedler Weissburgunder Maximum - Austria, Niederösterreich, Kamptal (12/1/2020)
    Crazy things happen when you are digging around in the cellar! I thought I had drunk my last bottle of this years ago. Do a little rearranging, and out pops another bottle, now twelve years past the vintage. Who keeps Pinot Blanc for twelve years? Apparently, me! I put it in the fridge with little to no hope, and was shocked when I opened it. Not only was it still alive, it was fascinating. Spice, tree fruit, texturally rich and mouth-filling, it was an experience hard to really put into words. I kept grabbing another small pour, as I didn’t want to subject the wine in the glass to too much oxygen. I thought it might collapse. It didn’t. It just powered through with the skill of a linebacker. Muscular, especially for the variety, it carried on through and after dinner, and I left a glass just to see what might become of it overnight.

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Austrian Pinot blanc ages well. I’ve had some good Hirtzberger with almost ten years on it that could have gone longer. I think like GV, we underestimate its ageability potential when made by serious vintners from good sites.


Still have Hirtzberger from 1999.