TN: 2008 Foxglove Chardonnay (USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley)

2008 Foxglove Chardonnay - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (1/4/2010)
We had this over 3 nights. On the first night I decanted about 1/2 the bottle for 60 minutes. I have heard mixed reviews on the 08 when compared to earlier vintages. But I haven’t had earlier vintages and for a $10 Chardonnay I thought this was outstanding. I think another year in the bottle will be its friend. Clean honeyed fruit with apples and pears. And with zero oak and no malo, I was taken by the richness. This does not come off as a steely high acid wine. You could say the acid is high but the fruit easily matches it. Maybe some RS remaining on this one. This will be my house Chardonnay. (90 pts.)



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Haven’t had the '08 yet, but loved the '07. Easily the best $10 domestic Chardonnay. This is the perfect for everyone Chardonnay. Appeals across the board to all.

Big fan of this too; a remarkable QPR and very well balanced for a stainless, no ml chard.

Totally agree. A great value.

I really want to like this style of Chardonnay but sadly I do not…
Most no ML chards (that I’ve had) have a peanut smell and taste that I just do not like.
The Melville Inox is only one I don’t find this weird smell & taste.
More for the rest of you I guess…

I tried a bottle of this a couple months ago after seeing people rave about what a great value it is (and without knowing it was a no ML, stainless steel Chardonnay). I was just totally baffled - to me there was nothing exciting at all about this wine - I found it to have no character whatsoever.

The only wine I’ve enjoyed with this style is the Chehalem INOX. Otherwise, I’m with Mel… just more for the rest of you.

I liked that one as well… but have only had it once or twice

Nice thoughts, folks. Just don’t presume that the winemakers’ magic extends to the 07 ZIN…which I did in bypassing the Chard for their Zin…dreadful.

dreadful? It’s a perfectly good $12 Zinfandel.
Not too jammy or flabby considering it’s from Paso Robles.

Could have been an off bottle, Dave. It showed no obvious problems but also failed to show any (as in nada) Zin flavors…and I really wanted to like a $12 Zin…I’ll give it another shot just because I like the color of your avatar shirt. flirtysmile

I didn’t care at all for their Zin.

So Paul, what color is YOUR shirt? [berserker.gif]


Jason’s TN caused me to look this up online. has this by the case for $106.82. An easy buy!!! flirtysmile

ahh… the pressure is on. I really hope you enjoy it. Remember it is a $11 chard. And for me it didn’t really come off like an Inox … although that’s what it is. It actually had a nice richness that came from something other than wood. Like I said, it did seem like there was some RS but it might have been from the fruitiness. I do recommend a decant or waiting 6 months to a year.

Another thing I love about this, since my wife doesn’t drink white wine, is I can cook with a cup or two and drink the rest without feel $$ stress. With no oak, nice acidity and fruit, it is a great cooking wine.


I agree. I thought the 07 foxglove zin and cab were undrinkable, or the amount of enjoyment was close to zero

It’s been a favorite daily drinker around here for quite a while now. I think it’s fantastic for the price.